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The dedicated staff of audiologists and hearing instrument specialists at HearSource.com pride themselves on providing outstanding support for those who purchase hearing aids from us.

With our HearSource Remote Programming Support Services you now have access to a unique system that enables a programming "Coach" to assist, train, and, troubleshoot issues that you may encounter. Our support system works just as if we were sitting right next to you. With our program, we can assist by manipulating the mouse and keyboard controls of your internet connected computer, making the hearing aid adjustments for you.

 We understand your desire to achieve the best possible success with HearSource hearing aids. It is our desire to provide you with the best hearing experience possible.  Included with every HearSource hearing aid purchase is a one (1) year FREE Remote Audiology Support Service.  

To gain access to our Remote Audiology Support Services please follow these important steps:

Step 1 - The system requirements for Remote Audiology are that you have a high speed internet connection. Dial up internet service is not supported.

Step 2 - When needing remote support services call us toll free at
1-800-416-2434. We will schedule an appointment time for you, and your HearSource hearing aid programming coach to work together.

Step 3 - At the approximate scheduled time, your HearSource hearing aid programming coach will call you.

To start your Remote Audiology Support Session, click on the "Run Remote Audiology Support" button found to the right of this screen. Don't click this button until told to do so by your Programming Coach. A small launch program will be downloaded to your harddrive.

Step 4 - When the software runs you will be prompted to enter an ID number and your name. The session ID number will be provided to you by your Programming Coach.


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