FreeStyle OpenEar Micro BTE Hearing Aid System

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Our latest and most discreet Open Ear, personal programmable, micro BTE hearing aid is the Freestyle. The Freestyle favors a small case, comfortable nearly invisible thin tubes, and Open Ear tips.

Don’t know your thin tube size? Use our Measurement Tool.

  • Add-On Features

    A device added to the inside of the hearing aid that allows it to work better with telephones. Manually selected, or automatic with AutoTelecoil installed.

    • 99 $
    • 198 $

    A device added to the inside of the hearing aid that automatically detects the presence of a phone magnet, and switches the hearing aid to telecoil mode.

    • 99 $
    • 198 $

    A more powerful receiver (speaker) to significantly increase the output of the hearing aid.

    • 99 $
    • 198 $

    A second microphone is added to the inside of the hearing aid to allow for programs that select for sound directionality and overall reception.

    • 99 $
    • 198 $
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    Please upload, email or fax your exam or wavier:, fax (765) 522-1797. Your order cannot be processed until we receive this information! If you wish to submit the wavier form, you can download it here: Medical Exam Wavier Statement medical exam wavier blank form

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  • Audiogram

    A recent (6 months old or newer) audiogram must be sent to us for this order. Your order cannot be processed until we receive this information! 

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Before You Buy

  1. Have your hearing tested by a local hearing care provider, and obtain a copy of the results. Under federally mandated HIPAA regulations, health care providers must provide you with a copy of your audiogram on request.
  2. If you do not want a medical examination, Federal law allows for a fully informed adult (18 years of age or older) to sign a “Medical Exam Waiver” declining the medical evaluation. You can obtain a copy of this form here: Medical Exam Waiver Statement
  3. Send us the medical clearance / script or signed medical exam waiver statement and a hearing test that is less than 6 months old. Fax, Email, or Mail us a copy of your Medical Clearance form, Script or Medical Exam Waiver Statement and Audiogram.
    Fax it to us at: (765) 522-1797
    Email us
    Mail it to us at:
    HearSource Med Records 102 Northfield Drive East Bainbridge, IN 46105

When you are wearing the Freestyle OpenEar Micro BTE Hearing Aid you won’t feel like your wearing a hearing aid at all. Instead of using a conventional earmold which closes off the ear canal completely, the Freestyle utilizes a comfortable soft open ear tip. This new acoustic design reduces the occlusion effect or that echo or plugged-up feeling. Our open ear design provides for a more natural sound compared to conventional in the ear hearing aid designs. The wearer’s own voice is not held within the ear canal and is allowed to escape, so you won’t “hear your own voice”. It really is amazing! NO ear impressions required.

Battery Size: 312
Avg. Battery Life: 130 Hr
Peak Gain: 40 dB
Freq. Range: 200-8000 Hz

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 1.5 x 0.5 x 1 in
Which Ear(s)?

Left, Right, Both Ears

Thin Tube Length

Size 0, Size 1, Size 2, Size 3

Comes with:

The eMiniTec Personal Hearing Aid Programmer and associated Cables, and the Programming Software to adjust and program your own hearing aids any time, with any Windows computer!


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