Hearing Aid Repair

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HearSource’s laboratory can fix nearly any hearing aid. Please use this online hearing aid repair form to start your repairs today! Fast, effective, and thorough repair services, starting at just $199 per ear! Remember to check our FAQ, or contact us if you have any questions!

The fields in this form are not “required,” but if you do not enter any information, our technicians will have to spend a lot more time diagnosing the issue, resulting in longer turnaround times for you! PLEASE fill out this form as completely as you can!
  • First, Tell Us About Your Hearing Aids

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    If you checked Program Adjustment, after finishing this form, you need to go to the Program Adjustment Form and complete that. Program Adjustment does require an additional fee of $35.49. It does not require any additional shipping (your second return shipping charge is reduced with an automatic coupon).

    • 14.5 $
    • 19.5 $
    • 24.5 $
    • $
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The hearing aid repair form above is used to calculate your Repair and Shipping Costs. If you are an International customer, please use the FedEx Shipping Calculator to determine the final return shipping expense.

When shipping your hearing aids to HearSource, please put them in a crush-proof container (an old plastic pill bottle or vitamin bottle works great). Then put the bottle into your box or envelope. This protects the hearing aids from crushing and moisture damage! Please remember to include all of the hearing aid parts (including earmolds and tubes), so our technicians can be thorough!

Additional information

Limited Warranty on Repairs

Hearing aids repaired by our laboratory are under a 100% warranty for any additional repairs in the next six months (including any problems NOT associated with the original repair request). A modest $20 shipping and handling fee will be charged on all warranty repairs.

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