October Battery Sale, Hearing Aid Care

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Basic Hearing Aid Care

Each season of the year presents its unique challenges to the hearing aid user. Moving from cold outdoors to hot, dry indoor air can cause condensation in the hearing aid. Going from cool air-conditioned rooms to humid summer outdoors can do the same thing. Replacing your hearing aids can be super expensive, and even discount hearing aid repairs can be costly, if you go to the wrong lab.

Moisture is the main enemy of hearing aids. Whether you enjoy summer sports or winter sports, when you move around, your body heats up, sweats, and can eventually damage your hearing aids. Some will advocate wearing a hat or earmuffs in winter months, to keep weather out, but keeping your ears too warm can be just as bad as leaving them exposed to the weather. Warm ears will sweat, even on cool days, and trapping humidity in your ears with hats and earmuffs can make the problem worse.

really dirty hearing aidsSummer activities add insult to injury with hearing aids, because in addition to humidity—both from the environment and your body—you are also adding dirt, sand and other byproducts of an active lifestyle. These can quickly destroy the performance of a hearing aid, or leave it completely  non-functional.


Hearing aid care and maintenance is the same in every season, for every level of activity. To ensure a long healthy operating life for  your hearing aids, you must keep them as clean and dry as possible.

  1. Drying: Use either a chemical dryer or a mechanical dryer for your hearing aids while you sleep. This dries out the electronic components, ensuring they function properly the next day, and reducing the rate at which corrosion occurs.
  2. Cleaning: This may be more difficult in active summer months, but it’s absolutely necessary to clean your hearing aids every night before setting them aside to sleep. This will dramatically increase the life-span of your hearing aids. Inexpensive cleaning kits are available for any model. Remember to clean inside the battery compartment, too, but do it carefully!
  3. Removing Batteries: It is a really good idea to remove your batteries at night while you sleep. At a minimum, you should open the battery compartment, even if you leave the battery in that door. This makes it easier for the whole hearing aid to dry out, and helps keep the battery dry, which prevents a potential source of acidic corrosion from getting into your hearing aids.
  4. Preventive Measures:

    • Use a wax guard in your hearing aids, to limit the introduction of cerumen to your hearing aids’ internal parts. This will increase the life-span of your hearing aids.

    • Replace batteries regularly. Don’t wait for them to die, since the onset of corrosion can happen even before batteries fail.

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