Charles McElwee

Charles McElwee

Charles McElwee is a well-respected Hearing Instrument Specialist with over 25 years of experience in the hearing aid industry. As the President of Manan Technologies, Inc. and owner of multiple hearing aid practices throughout the Midwest, Charles has dedicated his life to helping individuals with hearing loss find affordable solutions to improve their quality of life.

With his passion for innovation, Charles has introduced several groundbreaking services and products to the hearing aid industry, including the first online hearing aid repair lab accessible directly to the public, developing the eMiniTec hearing aid programmer, and the first online hearing aid sales business model with live remote support and programming services provided directly to the wearer.

Mr. McElwee is an avid hearing industry technologist researching, developing, and delivering innovative products and services that provide affordable better hearing solutions to the industry and to the consumers that they serve.

The companies under his leadership provide individuals access to high-quality hearing aids that cater to their unique needs and preferences. Providing products and services at affordable prices without sacrificing excellence or consumer satisfaction.

When not busily transforming lives with his expertise, Charles enjoys exploring the great outdoors, hiking, gardening, and enjoying his family. Charles McElwee is a true hearing industry innovator and professional.