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Send Check Payment With Hearing Aid Repair

If you would like to send the payment for your hearing aid repair in with your repair,
simply enclose a check for the total amount due.

Your total amount due is based on your selection of service and options.

  1. The type of repair you selected (Standard or Premium)
  2. One, two or more hearing aid repairs
  3. Regular or RUSH Repair (per hearing aid)
  4. We now have added your shipping cost
  5. All totaled, equals your total amount due
  6. Enclose your check for expected total amount due:
    $0.00 (Includes your shipping choice cost)

If you get the math wrong, no problem, we’ll call you prior to shipping your hearing aid repair back to you.

Ship to:
HearSource Hearing Aid Repair Lab

108 E. Pat Rady Way, P.O. Box 364
Bainbridge, IN  46105

When shipping your hearing aid to us, we strongly suggest that you place your hearing aid in a crush proof container such as a pill bottle, then place the crush proof container in a sturdy shipping box.  We also suggest that you ship it to us signature required and/or insured. HearSource can not be held responsible for hearing aids damaged in shipping to us.

IMPORTANT: Please include a note when you send your hearing aid into us explaining your issues or needed repairs such as:

  • Dead
  • Too soft
  • Too sharp
  • Buzzing
  • Static
  • Shell cracked
  • Volume control / button not working
  • etc.

 Also, your return shipping address, and a day time phone number.