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Save $1000's on Name Brand Hearing Aids
$100's on Hearing Aid Repairs

HearSource, The Better Hearing Store

Save Thousands on Widex, ReSound, and Signia Hearing Aids

Dallas – Fort Worth, Texas, Save thousands on national name brand hearing aids. HearSource.com offers discount pricing on top national name brand hearing aids to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metropolitan area for thousands of dollars less than local hearing aid providers. Full manufacturer warranties, loss and damage coverage, LIFETIME remote programming and sound adjustments. 

Widex hearing aids starting at $750 each
ReSound Quattro hearing aids starting at $1,397 each
Signia hearing aids starting at $,149 each
Hearing aid repairs – $199 each


HearSource is focused on a technology-driven and outcomes-based hearing healthcare approach for consumers. HearSource’s mission is to improve the lives of people who have hearing loss. In order to accomplish this important mission, HearSource has developed a more cost effective distribution model for the hearing care industry. High quality hearing aids, client focused support services, at affordable prices.

Buy Discount Hearing Aids in Dallas/Fort Worth

Save up to 50% on Widex, ReSound & Signia Hearing Aids

When purchasing hearing aids from HearSource, you get to choose from the top brands in the industry, ALL with a full manufacturer’s warranty and at deeply discounted prices, compared to local hearing aid stores.

There are many hearing aid brands and models to choose from. These many choices can become confusing and overwhelming for many. Most people have no idea where to even start. Many of our customers have first visited a local hearing aid provider and have left when advised of the cost. Then they go home and do some online hearing aid research. That is when they discover HearSource.com. Sometimes we agree with the local provider’s recommendation and sometimes we don’t. Most local offices offer only one brand of hearing aid, and of course, that is the one they are going to recommend. HearSource has multiple major brands to offer. We only supply trusted brands and models that can be supported remotely by us (sometimes referred to as “TeleHearing Healthcare” or “Tele-Audiology).

Remote Fitting: The Future of Hearing Aid Purchasing

Tele-Audiology is the logical next step in hearing healthcare. Don’t wait until you can’t hear at all, call today!


Discount Hearing Aid Repairs in Dallas/Fort Worth

All Hearing Aid Repairs Come with 6 or optional 12 Mo. Warranty

For those who depend on hearing aids for better hearing, we provide an inexpensive and reliable alternative to a brick-and-mortar hearing aid business. Local hearing aid offices don’t do their own hearing aid repairs in-house, they send them off to a hearing aid repair lab like ours. This added layer of administration adds additional cost and turn around time to your repair. Using the HearSource Hearing Aid Repair Lab eliminates this additional layer of expense and time. 

hearing aids in hands

Buy New Hearing Aids

We supply high quality digital hearing aids at affordable prices.

hearing aid repairs

Repair My Hearing Aids

We repair most hearing aids, regardless of its make, style, type or age.

Discount hearing aids for Area codes 214, 469, and 972.

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