Widex Hearing Aids

Widex Evoke 440 (Autumn Beige) Widex hearing aids are known to provide the cleanest, highest quality sound production and deliver what the user wants to hear rather than just amplifying sound. Background noise has always been the most common complaint from hearing aid wearers. Widex hearing aids employ Sound Class…

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eHearing Healthcare Done The Right Way

Every industry is experiencing some form of digital technology disruption, including healthcare. In recent years, we have pressed for the digital disruption of hearing healthcare. HearSource.com has delivered true digital disruption by providing hearing aids directly to the consumer online with a fully supported infrastructure. We believe that transformation is required…

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Digital Hearing Aids

What Are Digital Hearing Aids? The world today is connected via a myriad of digital technologies. In our homes, we are entertained with by digital televisions, digital music sound systems, or a combination of both. We rely on digital GPS for turn by turn directions while driving our vehicles. We…

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Siemens Hearing Aids

Siemens Hearing Aids Siemens Hearing Aids was purchased by a private equity firm and renamed Sivantos, Inc., in 2015. Sivantos re-branded their Siemens Hearing Solutions division as "Signia Hearing Aids". In addition to the hearing aid brands of Signia or Siemens, they also market their hearing aids under the brand names…

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ZPower Silver-Zinc Rechargeable Batteries

ZPower Hearing Aid Batteries Compared to Alternative Technologies NEW ZPower Rechargeable Hearing aid Batteries ARE available for purchase from HearSource.com.Here is the link: Buy ZPower 312 Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries.INTRODUCTIONDesign engineers are continuing to innovate in the consumer electronics and medical device markets; developing smaller, yet more powerful devices. A primary…

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TeleHearing Healthcare, The Future of Better Hearing
Man receives remote adjustments for his hearing aids.

TeleHearing Healthcare, The Future of Better Hearing

Telecare is an umbrella term used to describe the providing of services from a distance by use of modern telecommunication systems including wireless. Telecare is being used successfully in almost every health specialty area today (Tele-Healthcare).There are many benefits for the consumer receiving their hearing aid services through the practice…

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