Widex TruAcoustics Ear-Tips

TruAcoustics – Built on the ambition to deliver perfect soundSince 2006, hearing care professionals have been using Widex's advanced AISA system to estimate how the ear mold and the vent effect will influence the gain for individual hearing aid users. AISA was a highly accurate model, trusted by hearing care…

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Sony and WSA Partner on OTC Hearing Aids

Sony Corporation (“Sony”) and WS Audiology Denmark A/S (“WSA”), parent company to Widex and Signia announced that they have entered into a partnership agreement and various ancillary agreements to jointly develop and supply new products and services in the over-the-counter (“OTC”) self-fitting hearing aid market, beginning with the United States.  Through the partnership, Sony and WSA will…

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ReSound M&RIE Receivers

About ReSound M&RIE Receivers M&RIE (Microphone & Receiver-In-Ear) The ReSound M&RIE Receiver (Microphone & Receiver-in-Ear) design combines two conventional microphones with a third microphone that is positioned in the bowl of the ear collecting sounds naturally. ReSound M&RIE receivers use the unique shape of each individual's ear to collect sound…

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Rayovac Invests in Hearing Aid Batteries

The parent company of Rayovac and VARTA (PowerONE) Consumer Batteries, Spectrum Brands Holdings, has made a multi-million dollar investment into research and development in its' hearing aid battery manufacturing facilities. Rayovac Plans for Future Demand This investment supports product enhancements and will ensure their two hearing aid battery manufacturing facilities in the United States…

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Widex Charge N Clean

About The Widex Charge N Clean Hearing Aid Charger/Dryer/Sanitizer (For use with Widex Moment mRIC rechargeable hearing aids only.) Widex hearing aid chargers well known to be compact, lightweight, durable, and beautifully designed. The Widex Clean N Charge is no exception. They use wireless power transfer charging, which means no…

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Barbie ‘Fashionista’ Doll Wears Hearing Aids
Barbie Doll #187 doesn't hide her fashionable hearing aids.

Barbie ‘Fashionista’ Doll Wears Hearing Aids

New Barbie Doll Wears Hearing Aids First ever Barbie doll with behind-the-ear hearing aids, and it's so moving. Mattel has revealed adding this specific doll to the lineup was highly requested. https://youtu.be/9Dd1Dq_filI Mattel worked with educational audiologist and hearing-loss advocate Dr. Jen Richardson to give an accurate portrayal of a BTE…

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