Benefits of Hearing Aids
Widex Hearing Aid

Benefits of Hearing Aids

This article reviews some of the issues regarding untreated hearing loss and the Benefits of Hearing aids. Hearing loss and cognitive decline Hearing loss doesn’t just affect our ears. Evidence links it to other, sometimes more significant health issues like falling and dementia.Social isolation is an obvious concern. Hearing loss can give…

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Do Hearing Aids Reduce Fatigue and Increase Social Activity

People with hearing loss experience fatigue And then do Hearing Aids Reduce Fatigue? Hearing loss can affect people's lives beyond their difficulty hearing (Heffernan et al., 2016). One effect which has attracted increased interest in recent years is the potential additional cognitive fatigue experienced in everyday life by people with…

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Signia Augmented Focus

Augmented Xperience (AX) hearing aid platform with Augmented Focus intelligently and automatically processes sound to better ensure that listeners always hear clearly – regardless of the listening environment.Rather than simply amplifying all sounds, like most of today’s hearing aids, Signia Augmented Xperience hearing aids intelligently understands which sounds should be pulled to…

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TeleCoil in Hearing Aids

What is a TeleCoil? Did you know that your hearing aids have an antenna?...Sort of. Telecoil, also called T-Coil, or T-Switch is a small wire coiled around a rod inside hearing aids. It functions as an antenna to pick up magnetic signals (usually transmitted by a loop or traditional telephone)…

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About the Signia CROS

The Signia CROS Hearing Aid Hear what matters to you even with single-sided deafnessSignia CROS hearing solutions provide the ultimate choice of styles and fittings for people with untreatable hearing loss in one ear. There are even CROS devices with convenient lithium-ion charging and Bluetooth connectivity. There is an optimal…

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Signia Own Voice Processing

"Own Voice Processing" from Signia Signia Own Voice Processing is available in their newer hearing aids solving the "hearing your own voice" issue common in many hearing aids. This issue is overcome utilizing a sophisticated technological solution—a real time detection of the user’s own voice, combined with dedicated Own Voice…

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About ReSound “Ultra Focus”
ReSound Ultra Focus

About ReSound “Ultra Focus”

ReSound's Ultra Focus There may be some specific situations where a hearing aid wearer may need to focus only on speech in a one-to-one conversation with someone they are facing. The Reasoning Behind ReSound Ultra Focus Speech Intelligibility.Some listening environments consist of busy and complex noise, where an individual speaker's…

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Widex Moment, Not Just Another Hearing Aid

Widex Moment, Breaking The "Sound Barrier". Hearing aid technology has made quantum leaps technologically in areas such as hearing loss correction, speech intelligibility, and background noise reduction. In the past, a person's initial  encounter with a hearing aid's sound could have been strange or unfamiliar, many times wondering whether the…

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