Hearing Aid Program Adjustment $49.99

HearSource Hearing Aid Program Adjustment

Do your hearing aids work fine, but you wish that just one aspect wasn’t quite like it is? Are you jarred by the loud crash of your dishes in the sink? Do voices still sound muffled, or too sharp, or just too unnatural? Are you hearing strange tones or squeals or buzzing? Do you want hearing aid program adjustment without having to pay a fortune to a local provider? Do you need a provider, but there aren’t any close to you?

Maybe you just bought some second-hand hearing aids, and now you would like to have them adjusted to suit your hearing loss? We can help you.

Hearing Aid Program Adjustment Services

Send us your hearing aid after completing our diagnostic questionnaire, and we’ll make adjustments to your hearing aids, and get them working the way you want them!

HearSource Hearing Aid Program Adjustment

Affordable Alternative to Pricey Repair Rates

Do  your hearing aids work, but they do something you’d like to fix? HearSource Hearing Aid Program Adjustment is highly affordable. Furthermore, we discount follow-up adjustments.

How HearSource Hearing Aid Program Adjustment Works

You’re still unsure, right? Here’s how it all works:

  1. You fill out the questionnaire. It’s pretty comprehensive. Try to respond to it as accurately as you can, so we can form a picture of the necessary hearing aid programming adjustments.
  2. Once that is completed, you can send us the hearing aid. HearSource will program the hearing aid and, in most cases, have it back in the mail to you within a day or two of receiving it.
  3. When you get back the aid, insert a fresh battery, don your hearing aid, and go about your day. The majority of the time, you will notice the adjustments right away.
  4. Give us feedback. Let us know if it sounds better!

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