Assistive Listening Devices

Environments that Could Benefit From Assistive Listening Devices

Over the last few decades, excellent progress has been made in the world of hearing aids. Modern devices make it easier to hear despite various degrees of hearing loss. At the same time, there are some scenarios where you may need just a little extra help. When this happens, you may want to try an assistive listening device.

What is an assistive listening device?

Assistive listening devices are generally small portable pieces of equipment that take sound and amplify it so that it’s easier for you to hear. They’re often used in settings and in conjunction with hearing aids where there is a lot of ambient noise that can make hearing your target sound difficult. For example, if you’re at the bank and cashing a check, an assistive listening device can help you hone in on what the teller is saying and shut out the background noise around you.

These devices come in lots of formats. One of the more specialized ones includes television amplifiers, which can save you from spending your leisure time reading subtitles. Many businesses now choose to use hearing loops to accommodate all their customers’ needs. Additionally, you can try wearing a neck loop that acts as a personal assistive listening device.

Using assistive listening devices in medical settings

If there’s ever a setting where you need to hear everything clearly, it’s a hospital or healthcare facility. Unfortunately, such environments are often prone to lots of background noise. How bad this noise is can vary between specialties. For example, the emergency room is probably more challenging than ICU.

At HearSource, we sell amplification devices from some of the best manufacturers in the United States. Thanks to our agreements with these providers, we’re able to offer them at a significantly reduced price. If you want an assistive listening device to use when you visit a medical setting, come to us for recommendations.

Assistive listening devices in the hospitality industry

Most people love to go out for dinner, as it’s often a great way to socialize and relax. Unfortunately, heading into a restaurant can often mean exposing yourself to lots of background noise. If you manage a hospitality environment such as a restaurant, diner, or hotel, this is something you should remain mindful of.

Using assistive listening devices for your clientele is an excellent way to produce an inclusive environment that everyone can enjoy. At HearSource, we sell devices that are discreet enough for you to place without leaving your customers to feel awkward. If you choose to use one, you may want to consider advertising it as being available upon request. The type of device you may need can vary depending on the nature of your establishment, but we’re happy to help you make a decision.

Using assistive listening devices during business meetings

When you’re heading to a business or community meeting, making sure you hear every word allows you to participate. If these meetings turn into an open forum, the noise of others shouting to make their point heard can soon interfere with your flow of conversation.

Whether you attend such meetings regularly or you host them yourself, you can benefit from using certain devices. Personal hearing loops that are worn around the neck and are easy to transport from place to place. Or, you can choose one of the larger devices from HearSource and benefit from our significant brand discounts. Additionally, we provide device repairs to make your life more convenient.

When you choose to use an assistive listening device, you’re making the world around you sound much clearer. If you add one to your business, you’re making it more accessible. To learn more about the devices available, contact the team at HearSource for help.

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