Buying Hearing Aids From An Internet Provider

Don’t Buy ANY Hearing Aid Until You Read This!

Buying hearing aids from an Internet provider may seem scary. There is no way that you can buy ANY hearing aid over the internet and expect success without being able to adjust the settings.

Either you have to be able to do it yourself or pay a professional do it for you.

The success of any hearing aid fitting requires very discreet sound adjustments to make the hearing aid sound just right to you.

With HearSource Personal Programmable Hearing Aids and our optional Programming Kit ($299), you can adjust the sound settings of your hearing aids yourself using your personal computer, or we can do it for you remotely using your internet connected computer. 

The sound quality is comparable to top-of-line hearing aids that cost thousands of dollars each. HearSource hearing aid prices start at just $299 each. By cutting out the middleman you are saving over 70%. You can try them risk-free with our 45-day 100% money back offer. 

After You Buy…. You are NOT Alone. All HearSource hearing aids come with a full one year warranty. HearSource’s experienced team of technicians are here to support you, including remote programming support and a full-service all-make hearing aid repair lab.

Call Toll-Free 1-800-416-2434, Monday thru Friday 9 a.m. to 9 p.m EST.

Visit our website at

P.S. If you already have hearing aids, check out for low-cost hearing aid repairs. All brands, types, and styles.

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