Buying Online Hearing Aids, Is That Smart?

Buying Hearing Aids Online From HearSource Is Smart

Think you might need a hearing aid?  Where do you start? You could go to a local hearing aid store and find out what brand they sell. Local hearing aid stores near you will usually only sell one brand of hearing aid, and of course, that is the brand that they are going to recommend in almost every situation. It is similar to going to an automobile dealership. If you go to a Ford dealership, they are going to recommend Fords. If you go to a Chevrolet dealership, they’re going to recommend a Chevrolet, and so and so on. Or, you could go online (which you have already done) to research information on how to buy online hearing aids and see what other options you have. 

Hearing aids are similar to eyeglasses, the output or sound settings of a hearing aid must be prescriptive, fitting your specific hearing loss. You will also find that there are many different levels of technology, features, styles and types of hearing aids at many different price points. Of course, you can save a lot of money by purchasing from an online hearing aid vendor. However, before you buy hearing aids here are some things you should know:

  • Hearing aids do not just make sounds louder. It is a complex medical device requiring skilled programming and support. HearSource provides that.

  • Hearing aids must be programmed to meet your unique hearing and lifestyle needs. HearSource provides that.

  • Hearing aids bought must be able to be programmed, supported and adjusted for you. HearSource provides that.

  • Local offices seldom do many hearing aid repairs “in-office,” they send out to some sort of hearing aid repair lab. HearSource completes most repairs in our office. 

  • It takes time to get used to new hearing aids. Sometimes requiring a couple of sound adjustments. Local offices require time and travel to accomplish this necessary follow-up care. HearSource provides all the needed follow-up sound adjustments in for you without leaving your own home.

See Your Physician

Dr Looking in Ear

HearSource recommends that you see your personal physician prior to purchasing hearing aids from anyone. Your doctor may be able to treat your hearing loss without the need for purchasing hearing aids. The physician will also be able to treat any underlying medical conditions.

Can you buy hearing aids online without seeing your doctor? Yes, you can. Is it your best health interest? No, it’s not. Sometimes, a hearing loss is caused by something as simple as the accumulation of earwax in your ear canal. Your doctor can usually remove earwax in their office. 

Hearing Testing

hearing test

Generally, it is recommended that you have a complete hearing test. Local offices are best at accomplishing that. Local audiologists will usually charge about $200 for a hearing test, or most hearing aid dealers don’t normally charge anything at all. Of course, they will try to sell you one of their hearing aids, but that is sometimes what you have to go through for a free service. After you have your hearing tested, request a copy. Federal law requires them to provide you with a copy. There is a small “copying fee” that is allowed (but not required) to be charged. Forward a copy of your hearing test results to for our review.

Selecting the Right Hearing Aids

Our goal is making sure that your hearing aids work well for you. The benefits of purchasing hearing aids from HearSource are many.

  • We make sure that your hearing aids are adjusted “just right” for you and your hearing loss.
  • We will program your hearing aids to perform their best in a variety of listening situations.
  • We offer several different brands of hearing aids at different technology levels and price points. We have hearing aids for most hearing losses, lifestyles and budgets.
  • Follow-up care including programming and adjustments are accomplished through the use of modern communication protocols including iPhones, Android smartphones, or internet-connected computers. 

Beyond Buying Online Hearing Aids 

Usually, it takes time to get used to new hearing aids, particularly if you have never used them before. You will have to have your aids adjusted a few times until you are happy with them. Hearing aids require professional follow-up care, service, and adjustments. HearSource is one of the few hearing aid companies anywhere in the world where you can buy online hearing aids at such affordable prices AND receive remote programming and sound adjustment services. We also have an in-house hearing aid repair lab available for you also. HearSource wants you to be a happy customer forever. We’ll do our best to accomplish that. 

For more information about HearSource visit or call 1-800-416-2434 Monday thru Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST USA.

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  1. Guy Jackson

    Buying Hearing aids online can be a bit sketchy. I took a chance with this company and have extremely happy with their products and services.

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