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The online hearing aids or internet hearing aids sales business model as compared to the more traditional “Medical Practice” hearing aids sales business model is shaking up the hearing aid world. There are good things and there can be bad things about buying your hearing aids via an internet hearing aid sales provider.

The sales of online hearing aids is not new, there are hearing aid dealers around the world that sell online, directly to the consumer. In fact, some do an excellent job of it, in the main because they have developed an infrastructure to ensure the buyer’s success. Not only is the infrastructure in place, but the product is designed to be delivered and supported in that way.

The purchase of hearing aids online is a fantastic new option for the hearing health consumer. Hearing aids offered online generally cost between $299 – $500 per hearing aid for economy or basic level hearing technology and $750 – $2,500 for National name brand hearing aids.The hearing technology offered by reputable online sites is on par with the technology offered at a traditional clinic. Consumers can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

Online hearing aid costs are reduced by reducing overhead costs, like a storefront or clinic, as well as establishing exclusive distribution relationships with specific hearing aid manufacturers. Online hearing aid companies are able to offer modern technology hearing aids at significantly lower prices.

Online hearing aid companies have licensed hearing professionals on staff to program the hearing aids based on a submitted hearing test, the same as what would be done in any local hearing clinic.

Signia TeleCare. Online Hearing Aids, Done the right way by HearSource

With the advent of modern TeleHealth Hearing Technologies, purchasing Online Hearing Aids from a knowledgeable hearing care professional is easier than ever.

Basically, online hearing aids or internet hearing aids sales delivery business model can be divided into three groups.

The first type advertises online and offers hearing aids from major hearing aid manufacturers. They require their clientele to first see a participating provider in your general area (if there are any) for a hearing evaluation and recommendation. Then the client buys the hearing aids from the online seller via the website. The hearing aids are then shipped directly to the participating local hearing professional. This provider then fits the aids as well as provides follow-up care. Individual dispensers can choose to sign up and dispense for these programs. The dispenser is then paid a small fitting fee from the internet sales company for their services. Follow-up services may or may not be included under this type of contractor may be provided only for a specified length of time.

The second type of online hearing aid retailer are the ones that sell low cost private labeled hearing aids. These retailers generally program the hearing aids at their factory based on a submitted hearing test or other information provided by the client. The online hearing aid seller ships the hearing aids directly to the customer. This is a very common model and used by a number of online companies. There are a variety of ways with how patients provide these retailers with their hearing test results. Some online companies use a list of questions about the individual’s hearing to determine hearing aid candidacy and product recommendations. Other companies allow the customer to select the hearing aid and then the customer can fax or eMail their hearing test results to the company. This type of hearing aid sales/purchase can be the most cost effective for the consumer but can lack needed follow-up care and support.

The third type of online hearing aid delivery business model provides hearing aids and the necessary hearing aid fitting software; both shipped directly to the customer. The customer has the freedom and the responsibility of programming/adjusting their own hearing aid sound settings. For the interested and capable consumer, this can be a great opportunity to take ownership of their hearing, unfortunately for some, programming their own hearing aids is beyond their capability.

The HearSource Way

Signia TeleCare Remote Hearing Aid Support

Online Hearing Aids Sales Done the Right Way takes the best from all three types of online hearing aid providers and sells both national name brand hearing aids directly to the consumer as well as private label low cost hearing aids. Both groups of hearing products are supported with pre-programming at their lab with follow up verification and remote live sound adjusting support. Some of their hearing aids, depending on the manufacturer, will come with programming software, so you can “do-it-yourself”, and other brands won’t allow their fitting software to be distributed and HearSource then remotely programs those hearing aids using your internet connected computer or smartphone. The HearSource business model is a blending of, and the best of, both major hearing aid distribution worlds, quality hearing aids, distributed by competent hearing professionals, with extremely effective follow-up and support. Everything you need for a competent and successful online hearing aid purchasing experience.

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