Signia Own Voice Processing

"Own Voice Processing" from Signia

Signia Own Voice Processing is available in their newer hearing aids solving the “hearing your own voice” issue common in many hearing aids. This issue is overcome utilizing a sophisticated technological solution—a real time detection of the user’s own voice, combined with dedicated Own Voice Processing (OVP).

To use Own Voice Processing, the wearer must perform a short customization procedure during the initial hearing aid fitting.

This “training” allows the hearing aids to distinguish the wearer’s own voice from all other sounds and voices in the environment by scanning the sound path between the wearer’s mouth and the two microphones on each hearing aid.

Signia Own Voice Processing

This path is defined by the transmission of the wearer’s own voice with the unique physical characteristics of the head and associated wearing position of the hearing aids.

Note that OVP is only available in bilaterally fit Signia hearing aids with directional microphones. This feature has the same behavior in all newer Signia performance levels. OVP is recommended for all wearers.

Besides the music programs, OVP is active in all other hearing aid programs.

How Signia Own Voice Processing Works

When the wearer’s own voice is detected, the hearing aids activate a dedicated own voice processing path, which optimizes the perceived sound quality of the wearer’s voice almost instantly. This is achieved by dynamically adapting gain compression settings to reduce output in relation to the wearer’s voice for the selected acoustic coupling.

Conversely, when the wearer’s voice is not detected, the hearing aid immediately reverts to the soundscape processing path. Since own voice detection is based on spatial cues rather than the “sound quality” of the wearer’s voice, it is highly reliable in real world conditions.

If the wearer’s vocal dynamic varies (shouting versus whispering), if the wearer’s voice is affected by a cold, or if the wearer speaks in a different language, the voice detection algorithm retains its accuracy.

Info for Hearing Care Providers Using Own Voice Processing

With OVP, the adage is “fit Signia Open Tips as necessary and as Signia Closed Tips as possible” has never been easier to apply. The positive effect from this improved workflow is that fittings will tend to use less venting and wearers will receive greater benefit from Signia signal processing.

Using a more closed fitting path means that the hearing aids can deliver a greater proportion of processed sound versus unprocessed ambient sound, and the wearer receives more benefit from directionality and noise reduction.

As such, OVP simplifies the troubleshooting workflow for Hearing Care Providers even before own voice issues are encountered.

Signia Own Voice Processing Satisfaction Graph
Graph Indicating Satisfaction Ratings Of Use and Non-Use of OVP.

Study Shows Signia Own Processing is Preferred

A recent clinical trial suggests that the Signia Own Voice Processing algorithm provides a substantial improvement in wearers own-voice satisfaction.

When the satisfaction with Own Voice Processing is compared to other solutions offered by competitive hearing aid products, a significant Own Voice Processing advantage was observed. 

Improving the satisfaction with a wearer’s own voice encourages the acceptance of hearing aid usage. Wearer’s complaints concerning own-voice issues will be greatly reduced. Providing a more natural sounding own voice experience will encourage verbal social interaction.

This is all good thing for ALL hearing aid wearers.

While increased communication does not necessary mean increased socialization per se, it is reasonable to believe that there is a correlation. Research has shown that the use of hearing aids increases participation in group activities and an increase in quality of life for wearers.

When wearers were fitted with Signia hearing aids with OVP, an increased participation level was noted in 75 of the 96 hearing settings. 88% of new hearing aid users experienced an increased communication participation level.

For more information about the Signia Own Voice Processing hearing aids or any other products or services, please call 1-800-416-2434, Monday thru Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time (6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time) USA.