Widex EVOKE hearing aid sound settings evolve in real time as you wear them and keep getting better and better. The EVOKE learns from your hearing choices in the moment and over time. With just a few simple A or B choices (which sounds better?) on your smartphone, you choose the sound settings you prefer, putting you in control of your hearing.

EVOKE automatically switches between sound programs based on the environment you are in.

EVOKE learns from you and your choices and from the choices of other EVOKE hearing aid users from all over the world. Widex then uses this amalgamated data to create a better hearing experience for every EVOKE wearer. The great hearing aid you are wearing today will become an even better hearing aid in the future!

Widex EVOKE provides a very natural and personalized hearing experience.

  • EVOKE uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and is the world’s first real-time machine-learning hearing aid –  learning from your hearing preferences in the moment and over an extended period of time for better hearing today, tomorrow and beyond.
  • EVOKE provides an extremely accurate environmental sound mapping technology that helps you hear better in more situations.
  • EVOKE offers faster processing – capturing nuanced sounds in real time.

Whether your hearing loss requires a discreet or powerful solution, there’s an EVOKE hearing aid for you. The Widex EVOKE family of hearing instruments is available in four technology levels and in a variety of colors, offering different options to suit your lifestyle, hearing loss and budget.

HearSource provides remote programming of all Widex hearing aids. From the comfort of your own home, HearSource technicians can adjust the hearing aid sound settings for you using a standard internet connected computer. Contact HearSource.com for more information and to find the right Widex EVOKE Hearing Aid for you.

For more information on Widex Evoke hearing please visit HearSource.com or call Monday thru Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. 1-800-416-2434.

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  1. Jennifer C. From Wellington, FL.

    The best hearing aids I have ever worn.

  2. Oliver M. From New York, NY.

    I love these Widex Evoke hearing aids! I hear so much better in noise. Hearsource has been great.

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