About ReSound KEY Hearing Aids

Hearing Better = Feeling Better
ReSound Key has a positive impact on users’ lives

Multiple positive benefits have been reported from those wearing hearing aids. Not just for the improvements of their hearing, but also for their well-being, social lives, and general health.

In a survey of hearing aid users in the United Kingdom, 71% of respondents reported that they wished they had started wearing hearing aids sooner. Associates and family members of those with hearing loss, also were cognizant of the issues hearing loss caused.

Despite this, those with hearing loss still wait an average of nine years before finally wearing hearing aids. The cost of hearing aids has certainly been a factor that has contributed to this issue.

Happy KEY Hearing Aid Users

ReSound believes that everyone that needs it, deserves better hearing. The ReSound Key was designed using ReSound’s Organic Hearing philosophy, inspired by one’s normal listening behavior and our natural hearing processes.

The ReSound Key utilizes Natural Directionality II, a unique technique applying directional microphone technology with a binaural hearing strategy. Wearers benefit from an improved signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) while still maintaining awareness of sounds around them.

ReSound KEY hearing aids are available in three technology levels,2, 3, and 4. The ReSound KEY 4 is also available in a rechargeable battery configuration.

A study was undertaken to measure the impact that ReSound Key hearing aids had on various outcomes related to wearers’ hearing and overall well-being. The methodology used included daily questionnaires sent via a smartphone app and was successful, with a reasonably high response rate. During the study, two surveys were sent to every participant per day, for a total of 1,324 survey requests. Over 1,000 of the surveys were completed.

The results found that the wearing of ReSound Key hearing aids to be beneficial in a variety of listening situations, and the ratings for sound quality, localization of sound ability, and overall satisfaction were positive.

The participants rated their hearing, listening effort, and feelings about their hearing abilities as higher overall when using ReSound Key versus wearing no hearing aids.

Talking with people is one of the most important hearing activities people participate in. This study was set up to rate not just the hearing of the wearers, but also to gain an understanding of their emotional well-being. Each evening, the wearers received an “End of day” survey, asking questions related to their overall mood, stress and fatigue.

Specifically, we found:

1. How well did participants hear and feel while wearing ReSound Key? Was there a relationship between better hearing and well-being?

Median ratings for both hearing-related and feeling-related questions were positive when participants wore ReSound Key hearing aids. There was an observed clear relationship between better hearing and better feeling, with a strong correlation to positive feelings at the end of the day observed with better ratings for hearing, easier listening, and overall hearing aid satisfaction.

2. How did wearers rate ReSound Key hearing aids and Natural Directionality II in their everyday hearing situations?

The hearing aids were rated positively on all measured categories for how much help that they provided for sound quality, telling the direction of sound and overall hearing satisfaction. Even for the toughest hearing environments, where more listening effort was needed, ReSound Key still received high ratings for how they improved the wearers’ hearing abilities.

FDA Approves New Category of Hearing aids

3. Did significant others observe any benefits to ReSound KEY hearing aid wear?

Yes, the significant others of the wearers also rated the wearer’s hearing over the course of each day, similarly to the wearers themselves. Scores for hearing were identical for both the wearers and the significant others, on days when ReSound Key hearing aids were worn and on the days that they were not worn. The significant others were able to observe how their hearing-impaired spouses’ hearing improved when ReSound Key hearing aids were used.