How to Reconnect Signia Hearing Aids to iPhone

Hearing aids sometimes need to be re-paired to the iPhone.  Most often this is due to issues with the iPhone not connecting to both hearing aids.  This will show up within the Signia app not showing both hearing aids connected.  Why this occurs can be caused by many things.  We find hearing aid connectivity issues arise after updates either to the iPhone or Signia app.

This article will help describe the process to disconnect the hearing aids from the iPhone and then how to reconnect.  Always start by restarting the iPhone and restarting the hearing aids.  If the problems with connecting the hearing aids still persist, please proceed through this article on how to disconnect the hearing aids from the iPhone and then reconnecting the hearing aids to the iPhone.

How to disconnect the hearing aids from iPhone

– First go into the iPhone settings.

– Navigate to the Accessibility menu.  Click on this menu option.

– Navigate to the Hearing Devices menu.  Click on this menu option.

– Within the Hearing Devices menu, you will see a top section labeled MFI hearing devices. If the hearing aids have been connected before you should see them listed here “John Doe’s hearing aids, model of hearing aid (R+L)”.

– Click on the hearing devices that are connected.

– Within the Hearing Aid menu navigate to the bottom and click forget devices.

This will forget the hearing devices from the iPhone. This will un-pair the Bluetooth connection from the iPhone. 

How to reconnect hearing aids to iPhone

– Click the back button to get back to the Hearing Devices menu.

– Reset the hearing aids by turning them both off and on.

This is easily done by either opening and closing the battery door or by placing both hearing aids in the charger for 10 seconds and then pulling them off the charger.

– The MFI Hearing Devices section should be in a search mode and will find the hearing aids after they turn back on  

Once the left and right hearing aids have been found click on the hearing aids to re-pair the hearing aids.

Make sure when asked to pair the devices click pair.  This will occur twice.  One Bluetooth pairing per device.

– When the hearing aids are both paired then the app should operate normally.  In some cases, the app needs to be shut down and restarted.

How to Reconnect Signia Hearing Aids to iPhone