Signia Hearing Aids TwinPhone Technology

About Signia TwinPhone Technology

Phones are by far the most popular means of communication for professional, business and personal use. In noisy environments like offices or other places of work, understanding phone conversations can present a challenge for hearing aid wearers. With Signia’s TwinPhone feature, using a home or business phone becomes easier and convenient.

  • For use with home, office, or business landline type telephones.
  • The only modification need to phone is a small stick-on magnet.
  • Increases on-phone speech understanding tremendously.


Signia TwinPhone Technology

It’s the TwinPhone function in these smart hearing aids that makes using the telephone so easy for hearing aid wearers. As soon as the wearer puts the receiver to an ear, the telephone program activates. Now the hearing aid in the ear against the receiver not only amplifies what her conversation partner is saying, it also automatically transmits their speech wirelessly to the hearing aid in her other ear. This allows the wearer to hear the caller’s voice in both ears at the same time, which enables a high level of speech understanding despite background noise and reduces hearing strain. It’s a win-win situation for Signia hearing aid wearers.

How it works

T-Coil magnet on phone.
Attach small magnet to telephone earpiece.

TwinPhone is a separate program which builds upon the popular AutoPhone feature and offers advantages not possible before without a streaming device. In order for a landline or mobile phone to be compatible with TwinPhone, the wearer needs to attach a small discreet piece of magnet to the phone receiver. Whenever the phone comes into close proximity with the hearing aid (i.e. when the wearer places the phone next to the ear), the hearing aid detects the magnetic signature. AutoPhone then automatically changes the hearing aid to the TwinPhone program and activates the wireless link. The phone signal is not only heard in the ear next to the phone, but also transferred to the opposite ear aid via the wireless link.

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