Widex MOMENT Hearing aids

Widex Announces New MOMENT Hearing Aids

Widex MOMENT Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) Hearing Aids sound so good that you won’t know you’re wearing aids. Widex has indeed broken new ground with these aids. Widex has addressed one of the great unsolved challenges in the hearing aid industry: No matter how good they are, hearing aids still sound like hearing aids..

Users often complain about the artificial sound quality of hearing aids, which is produced when processed or amplified sound from the hearing aid reaches the eardrum a split second later than the natural sound that travels directly through the ear canal.

Widex has eliminated that out-of-sync sound for wearers with mild to moderate hearing loss with its launch of the Widex Moment.

Also, Widex has managed to fit all the benefits of the WIDEX MOMENT platform into the smallest rechargeable lithium-ion receiver-in-canal hearing aid on the market.

“Though the traditional hearing aid has made tremendous strides in areas such as speech intelligibility, active noise cancellation and more, a key frontier has been left uncharted, until today. Widex Moment doesn’t just allow you to hear better, it restores one’s sense of perfectly natural hearing, as you remember it before any loss occurred,”  said Lise Henningsen, global head of audiology at Widex.

The Widex Moment platform achieves this perfected hearing experience by leveraging two distinct signal pathways. The ‘classic’ Widex signal pathway is paired with a second ultra-fast signal pathway that adds extra gearing to the platform.

This Widex ZeroDelay Accelerator reduces the processing delay between microphone and receiver to below 0.5 milliseconds (1/2 of one thousandth of a second), enabling the two sound signals to meet at virtually the same time in the eardrum – thereby eliminating the artificial sound quality and creating a more natural sound experience. This new sound experience is called Widex PureSound. 

Widex Moment is compatible with the SoundSense Learn smartphone app, which leverages breakthroughs in AI and machine learning to personalize hearing experience and create hearing programs based on a user’s typical environments.

Widex MOMENT Sound Purity

Widex Moment “breaks new ground in the area of sound purity, however it doesn’t do so at the expense of other cutting-edge features, such as recharge-ability and smart streaming to electronic devices, found in the industry’s most state-of-the-art hearing aids and demanded by tech-savvy consumers. The Widex Moment is the smallest lithium-ion rechargeable Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) hearing aid on the market.  Furthermore, the Widex Moment’s smart streaming capabilities offer robust connectivity to the devices one uses every day.

Widex Moment continues to utilize the SoundSense Learn smartphone app, which leverages AI and machine learning to personalize one’s hearing experience and create hearing programs based on a user’s typical environments.

The SoundSense Learn app gathers a variety of anonymous data such as how often the user adjusts the volume, which sound presets they most regularly use, and how many custom settings they create. Based on these real-world preferences, a complete personalized listening experience is created for the user. These adjustments and custom settings can then also be shared directly and securely with their hearing care professional, which helps the professional tailor their consultation more and improve their service.

“The future of hearing aids will be unlocked through the combination of perfectly natural sound with the latest in streaming, rechargeability, and customization—and that’s exactly what we’ve created with Widex Moment,” said Henningsen. “We’re breaking down the hearing aid stigma, across all generations, by equipping users with a way to experience one’s natural hearing, customized for any environment, while enabling connectivity with all of your favorite apps and devices. It’s a seminal moment for not just our hearing aid industry but for the technology industry, in general.”

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  1. Vincent W. From Bend, OR.

    Widex Moment hearing aids are stunningly brilliant. I have used hearing aids for almost 20 years. This will be my fourth set. The technology keeps getting better. These hearing aids are no exception. Widex has always represented quality sound. These Moment hearing aids are by far the most natural-sounding I have ever experienced. As close to perfect as I could ever imagine.

  2. Bill S. From Long Beach, CA.

    Got my new Widex Moment Hearing aids today. They are very natural sounding. I have had no whistling so far and I hear very well. They are so comfortable that I can’t even feel them in my ears. An excellent investment for me and my family.

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