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Program Your Own Hearing Aids

Would you buy a television if the salesperson insisted that they would be the only one that could change the channel, adjust the volume, tone or brightness? Would you be submit yourself to hour long appointments traveling back and forth to the T.V. store for the smallest adjustment? Then why do we surrender control in

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Memory, Dementia and Hearing Loss

I am seeing new brain-training products on the market attempting to keep our brains sharp. May I suggest “better hearing”. There is mounting evidence that links untreated hearing loss to impaired memory, reduced cognitive function and dementia. Research indicates that when people with untreated hearing loss strain to hear, they have more difficulty remembering what

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Cheap Hearing Aid Repairs

Hearing aids contain small discreet electronic parts, over time, it is not uncommon for all hearing aids to need to be professionally repaired. You may try to turn the hearing aid on and find that there is no sound or the battery door may become broken. Even when hearing aids are properly cared for, things

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