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Hearing Aid Care Advice and Trouble Shooting Tips

Hearing Aid Care Advice Hearing aids are modern marvels of technology. Despite their diminutive size, they contain big technology and sophisticated parts. Hearing aids perform millions of calculations each second they are turned on. Good daily maintenance and hearing aid hygiene go along way in preventing many of the common problems associated with hearing aid ownership.

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I Found My Online Hearing Aid Retailer

Static noise coming from my right hearing aid wasn’t normal. When my older Seimens hearing aid started making strange noises, it was time to replace it. Because hearing aids can be so expensive and aren’t covered by my insurance plan, painfully I had put it off. As I soon figured out, over the last decade, hearing

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Hearing Loss Suffers At Increased Risk For Accidents

A new study on hearing loss suggests that people with varying degrees of hearing loss are at an increased risk for accidents. Recently, the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention conducted a nationwide survey which indicated that out of 232.2 million American adults, approximately 15.7 percent reported suffering from hearing loss and that of those,

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Internet Hearing Aid Sales Disrupt Traditional Market

The internet hearing aid industry is encroaching on the traditional hearing aid dispensing business model, offering hearing aids that are far less expensive and available without the involvement of audiologists or other hearing aid professionals. The industry is re-examinationing the entire hearing aid distribution system, which critics argue is too cumbersome and costly, hindering reasonable

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Program Your Own Hearing Aids

Would you buy a television if the salesperson insisted that they would be the only one that could change the channel, adjust the volume, tone or brightness? Would you be submit yourself to hour long appointments traveling back and forth to the T.V. store for the smallest adjustment? Then why do we surrender control in

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Memory, Dementia and Hearing Loss

I am seeing new brain-training products on the market attempting to keep our brains sharp. May I suggest “better hearing”. There is mounting evidence that links untreated hearing loss to impaired memory, reduced cognitive function and dementia. Research indicates that when people with untreated hearing loss strain to hear, they have more difficulty remembering what

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