Acu-Life Hearing Aid Cleaner 5 in 1 Tool


The Acu-Life Hearing Aid Cleaner is five hearing aid maintenance tools built into a comfortable, easy to hold, handle. Using this toolkit helps prevent costly repairs. This toolkit works with almost all types of hearing aids.

Kit includes: Tube and Vent Cleaner, Cleaning Brush, Wax Removal Pick, Battery Door Opener, and Battery Replacement Magnet, storage space for batteries.


Hearing aids get fouled with ear wax, dust, skin cells, and a million other tiny objects. The Acu-Life Hearing Aid Cleaner Audio Kit is an essential tool for keeping hearing aids free of foreign matter and working at their best. The hearing aid cleaner contains the five tools needed for fast, easy and effective daily hearing aid cleaning and maintenance. The five tools are built into a lightweight comfortable handle for ease of use.

  • Brush cleans and easily removes wax and debris.
  • Pick removes wax from small openings in the hearing aid.
  • Battery door opener easily reach and open the battery door.
  • Battery magnet helps remove and insert batteries.
  • Battery storage compartment inside handle.

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