Hearing Aid Programming Service


    HearSource Programming Service

    Have your hearing aids recalibrated or adjusted.  Send your hearing aids into our lab with a note on how you would like the hearing aids to sound better.

    If you would like HearSource to use a hearing test (audiogram) for programming,  just include a copy with the hearing aids when shipping or use the quick submit form below.


    Hearing Aid Programming Service

    Package Your Hearing Aids

    Send your hearing aids into our hearing lab for adjustments and programming.  Enclose a note of adjustments needed or a recent hearing test (Audiogram).  Place your hearing aids in a crush proof container such as a pill bottle.  Box the hearing aids up with any accessories and ship to:

    Programming Service
    108 E. Pat Rady Way, PO Box 364
    Bainbridge, IN 46105

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