HearSource FreeStyle 212 Open Fit Hearing Aid

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HearSource FreeStyle 212 Hearing Aid

This hearing aid is designed to correct moderate to severe high-frequency hearing loss. The Open Fit design is discreet, comfortable and durable.

Open Fit hearing aids do not use custom ear molds but use an open tip in your ear canal. This open fit design allows for a very natural sounding hearing correction and prevents the occlusion effect (that plugged up feeling). With a slight touch of the toggle switch, the volume can be increased or decreased or with a longer touch, you can change between four environmental settings pre-programmed for quiet, noisy, music, or telephone. The FreeStyle 212 Open Fit Hearing Aid allows you to hear the sounds you have been missing at an affordable price.

  • Affordable price
  • One Year Warranty
  • Automatic Noise Reduction
  • Automatic Feedback Reduction
  • 2 Channels / 12 Bands
  • Digital Rocker Volume Control with built-in 4 Environmental Programs Switch
  • High Impact Casing

Hearing Aid Features:

  • Personal or Remote Programmable Capable with Optional eMiniTec Hearing Aid Programmer Kit
  • 100% Digital Processing Device
  • 2 Channels
  • 12 Band Equalizer
  • Automatic Sound Focus Mic System
  • Tri-Mode Layered Noise Reduction – Our unique version of noise reduction acts to remove noise in between speech syllables as well as to lower general background noise from the environment. All layers respond to noise of all intensities.
  • Automatic Feedback (Whistling) Reduction – Adaptive Feedback Cancellation (AFC). The feedback manager in this hearing aid uses the phase cancellation feedback management system. This anti-entrainment function acts to prevent problems caused by single tones, multiple tones, and loud complex sounds. Laboratory tests of the AFC function show that it adds as much as 17 dB of gain compared to when AFC is turned off—known as Added Stable Gain.
  • Dynamic Speech Enhancement
  • Multi-Function Digital Rocker: Volume/ Memory
  • 4 Memories w/ Indicators
  • TeleCoil (for telephone use)
  • Power on Delay
  • Moisture Resistent
  • Low Battery Warning w/Indicator. When the battery nears the end of its life, the hearing aid will detect this condition and provide a low battery warning signal. The aid emits three sets of double beeps every 10 minutes. When the battery is at its very end of life, six sets of double beeps will be emitted, and then shuts down the audio output of the hearing instrument.
  • Uses a 312 Zinc-Air Hearing Aid Battery
  • Open Fit Thin Tube Design
  • This hearing aid is “Personal Programmable“.

If you include a copy of your latest hearing test (audiogram), we will preprogram the hearing aid(s) to correct for your hearing loss prior to shipping. You can fax your hearing test to us at (765) 588-0408 or email it to us at medrecords@hearsource.com

Purchase the eMiniTec hearing aid programming toolkit (Sold Separately), allows the ability to adjust and program your own hearing aids or for us to remotely adjust your hearing aids for you (when connected to an internet connected PC or laptop).  Click here for more details.

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Professional Remote Programming, Self Programmable


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