HearSource Hearing Aid Programming Software

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HearSource Hearing Aid Programming Software is for in-home fitting and self-programming of your HearSource Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids.


An updated version of the HearSource Hearing Aids and eMiniTec hearing aid programming software. This software requires the use of HearSource brand hearing aids, eMiniTec and associated cables for proper function.

HearSource Hearing Aid Programming Software

HearSource has developed an entire ecosystem of “Self-Fitting” or “Personal Programmable” hearing aid solutions at extremely affordable prices. HearSource’s system includes several hearing aid options, HearSource Hearing Aid Programming Software, eMiniTec Hearing aid Programmer, and the appropriate connecting cables.

Adjust your HearSource Personal Programmable Hearing Aids using our eMiniTec hearing aid programmer kit. Any hearing aid from HearSource with the “Personal Programmable” label attache to them can be used with the eMiniTec Hearing Aid Programmer. With this hearing aid programming kit, we can also remotely program your hearing aid for you utilizing an internet connected PC or laptop.

eMiniTec Hearing Aid Programmer
eMiniTec Hearing Aid Programmer
Remote Support Tech

HearSource also offers real-time live remote support to aid individuals in the Self-Fitting of their hearing aids. All that is required is a telephone or an internet connected personal computer.

The need for reliable access to hearing health care services is growing globally, particularly in developing countries and in remotely located and in under served regions in many parts of the developed world. Individuals with hearing loss in these areas are at a significant disadvantage due to the scarcity of local hearing health care professionals and the high cost of hearing aids. Current approaches to making hearing rehabilitation services more readily available to under served populations include TeleHearing Care and the provision of amplification devices outside of the traditional provider-client relationship.

The device is thus assembled, fitted, and managed by the user without the need for professional support. To address the significant shortage of clinical skills in developing countries, the viability of TeleHearing Care is being explored.

DIY Hearing Aid Programming

There are also those hearing-impaired individuals who have reliable access to hearing health care services, but who wish to be in control of their own fitting process, without having to rely on hearing care professionals to program and adjust the settings of their hearing aids. A recent survey by  focused on obstacles to obtaining hearing aids listed the top five characteristics that would increase the likelihood that a currently unaided individual to purchase hearing aids. Two of the five characteristics were lower cost and the ability to self-fit and self-adjust their own hearing aids. Forty percent of those surveyed indicated that a discount of just $500 would encourage them to purchase hearing aids, whereas 19% reported that the ability to self-fit or self-adjust their own hearing aids would increase the likelihood of hearing aids purchase ().

Self-Fitting or Personal Programmable Hearing Aids

HearSource’s solution for hearing-impaired individuals in both the developing and developed worlds is a “do-it-yourself” amplification device that can be fitted and managed entirely by the user, without the assistance of a hearing health care professional, the use of computer hardware, or access to a telephone or the internet. We refer to such a device as a “self-fitting,” User-Programmable” or “Personal Programmable” hearing aids.

HearSource’s vision of self-fitting hearing aids is an amplification device that consists of a behind-the-ear (BTE) body and an instant-fit tip. Our self-fitting hearing aids are equipped with user controls, either on the device itself or on a remote control, the wearer is able able to further fine-tune the device in his or her everyday listening environments 

User-Programmable Hearing Aids

User-programmable hearing aids, are digital hearing aids with such features as multi channel compression, adaptive feedback cancellation, and noise reduction and speech enhancement algorithms.

In order to program and adjust these hearing aids, a previous audiogram, a computer, internet access, fitting software, and/or a hardware interface between the computer and the hearing aids are required. Following the submission of a recent hearing test, the most appropriate hearing aid model is recommended in consultation with a HearSource representative. HearSource additionally offers a telephone appointment with a “programming coach” who can guide the user through the fine-tuning process and provide technical support. All hearing aids purchased from HearSource are delivered to the user pre-programmed. 

For those users who wish to undertake self-adjustments, fitting software, eMiniTec hearing aid programmer, and programming cables may be ordered in conjunction with the hearing aids.

HearSource offers hearing aids that may be purchased and adjusted without visiting a hearing health care professional. Several of these devices could be considered “self-fitting” in that the wearer is in control of the fitting procedure. Additionally, a our hearing aids are low-cost devices.

For more information on HearSource Hearing aid Programming Software, please call 1-800-416-2434, Monday thru Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time (6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time) USA.

2 reviews for HearSource Hearing Aid Programming Software

  1. William Cody

    I was ready to take away a star for this software, until I spoke with Aaron and got some first-class education on how it works. The folks at HearSource make everthing you buy there feel like a bargain with their customer service. I would give six stars, if theyd let me!

  2. John Cristian

    I must say that while there is definitely a learning curve to this software, what it does for me and my hearing aids is just phenomenal! I would have never had so much control over my own hearing aid sound without this HearSource software. The techs on the phone are always extremely helpful when I have questions about the software, or how to make a specific modification to my hearing aid programs. It’s incredible that this is provided free, considering how amazing this tool is!

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