Phonak Hearing Aid Domes – Size Medium 8mm, Open Vented, 5 Pack


Hearing Aid Open Fit UniDomes – Size Medium (7 mm) Open Fit

  • Comfortable and non-occluding! Use Open Fit Domes with Thin tube and Receiver In Canal Hearing Aids.
  • Hearing Aid UniDomes fit end of the Thin-Tube and RIC Hearing Aids. Although the silicone tips fit snugly on the Tubes they are easy to get on and off.
  • To get the size you may need, measure the widest diameter of the silicone tip.
  • Color: Smokey
  • Hearing Aid UniDomes come five to a package (5)




Hearing aid domes are the medium silicone bell-shaped pieces located on the end of a thin tube or receiver in canal hearing aid. This is the actual physical piece that is inserted in your ear. The proper choice of style and size dome makes a significant difference in comfort and sound quality when wearing hearing aids.

Open Fit Style Hearing Aid Domes have openings in them that for sound to pass through from outside of the ear through and into the ear canal. This open fit concept allows for a very natural sounding hearing aid experience.  This open fit style also helps prevent the occlusion effect or the plugged up feeling some experience with hearing aid wear.

Medium open – approximately 7 mm

5 UniDomes per package

  • Hearing Aid UniDomes are also available in the following sizes:
    • small open – approx 5 mm
    • small vented – approx 6 mm
    • Small dbl dome – Approx 9 mm
    • medium open (Most Common) – approx 7 mm
    • medium vented – approx 8 mm
    • medium tulip dome – approx 7 mm
    • medium dbl dome – approx 10 mm
    • large open – approx 10 mm
    • large vented – approx 10 mm
    • large Tulip dome – approx 10 mm
    • large dbl dome – approx 11 mm

    Images are not actual size

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