Phonak – Unitron Hearing Aid Domes

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$10.00 each

Phonak – Unitron Hearing Aid Domes

  • Comfortable. Silicone Domes for use with Thin Tube and Receiver-In-Canal Hearing Aids.
  • Silicone Hearing Aid Domes fit the end of Thin-Tube and RIC Hearing Aids.
  • Size? Measure the widest diameter of the silicone tip.
  • Color: Smokey
  • Hearing Aid Domes come four to a package (4)


Phonak - Unitron Hearing Aid Domes

Phonak – Unitron Hearing Aid Domes are the small silicone bell-shaped pieces located on the end of a thin tube or Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) hearing aids. This is the actual physical piece that is inserted in your ear. The proper choice of style and size dome makes a significant difference in comfort and sound quality when wearing hearing aids.

Phonak – Unitron Hearing Aid Domes come in three (3) styles (open, closed and power) and each with three (3) sizes (small, medium and large).

Note:  Phonak no longer produces the clear domes.  All domes will be the dark or smokey gray color.

Phonak – Unitron Open Fit Hearing Aid Domes have openings in them that allow sound to pass through from outside of the ear through and into the ear canal. This open fit concept allows for a very natural sounding hearing experience with hearing aids. This open fit style also helps prevent the occlusion effect or the plugged up feeling some experience while wearing their hearing aids.

Phonak - Unitron Open Fit Hearing Aid Domes in Small, Medium, & Large Sizes.
Phonak - Unitron Closed Hearing aid Domes in Small, Medium, & Large Sizes.

Phonak – Unitron Closed Hearing Aid Domes are mostly closed hearing aid domes with small vents. These domes are more occluding and hold sound in the ear more than open domes.

Phonak - Unitron Power (Double) Hearing Aid domes in Small, Medium, & Large Sizes.

Phonak – Unitron Power (Double) Domes are the most occluding hearing aid domes. Power Domes have no vents. These domes hold the most sound in the ear and are generally used for low frequency and more severe hearing losses.

Phonak – Unitron Silicon Hearing Aid Domes, 4 Per Pack

Hearing Aid Domes are available in the following sizes:

  • Small – approx 5 mm
  • Medium – approx 7 mm (Most Common)
  • Large – approx 10 mm

Phonak – Unitron Hearing Aid domes fit many brands of hearing aids. See list below.

  • Attaches to end of Phonak/Unitron and many other other thin tube and RIC hearing aids.
  • Replace discolored or damaged domes.
  • Replace every 6 – 10 weeks or whenever they pull off the hearing aid tip too easily.
  • Always ensure that the new replacement dome is pushed firmly onto the tubing completely before inserting the hearing aid tip into the ear canal.

Factory Original Replacement Phonak - Unitron Hearing Aid Domes

Please Note: Domes come in the Smokey color only

Made from soft comfortable silicone in Open Fit, Closed and Power (Double) Hearing Aid dome styles. Use the Phonak – Unitron hearing aid domes with Unitron, Phonak and many other hearing aid thin tube and Receiver-In-Canal type hearing aids. The Phonak – Unitron hearing aid domes slide over the end of the thin tube or receiver (The in-the-ear part of the hearing aids). Although the Domes fit snugly on the hearing aid Tubes/Tips, they are relatively easy to get on and off. To get the size you may need, measure the widest diameter of the dome in millimeters.

Phonak - Unitron Hearing Aid Domes Description & Options

Phonak – Unitron domes come four to a package (4) and are available in the following sizes:

  • Small open hearing aid dome – approximately 5 mm
  • Small closed hearing aid dome – approximately 5 mm
  • Medium open hearing aid dome (Most Common) – approximately 7 mm
  • Medium closed hearing aid dome – approximately 7 mm
  • Large open hearing aid dome – approximately 10 mm
  • Large closed hearing aid dome – approximately 10 mm
  • Tulip short hearing aid dome (for feedback control)
  • 9 – 10 mm power hearing aid dome
Phonak Open Fit Hearing Aid Domes
Images are not actual size

Phonak - Unitron Hearing Aid Domes Compatibility

Audicus Hearing Aids

  • Audicus Dia IIAudicus Oro


All Bach Hearing Aids

  • Bach 12
  • Bach 14
  • Bach 16
  • Bach 20


Embrace Hearing Aids

  • Embrace Hearing H-300
  • Embrace Hearing H-700
  • Embrace Hearing H-100 


Phonak Hearing Aids

  • Phonak Exelia
  • Phonak Micro Eleva
  • Phonak Micro Savia
  • Phonak Extra
  • Phonak Certena
  • Phonak Cassia
  • Phonak Certena
  • Phonak Milo
  • Phonak Versata
  • Phonak Solana
  • Phonak Versata
  • Phonak Naida Series
  • Phonak Savia Series
  • Phonak OK Series
  • Phonak Ambra
  • Phonak Audeo Series

ALL HearSource Brand RIC & Thin Tube Hearing Aids

ALL MDHearing Brand Hearing Aids

ReSound Hearing Aids

  • ReSound Air
  • ReSound Alera
  • ReSound Azure
  • ReSound Essence
  • ReSound Live
  • ReSound MA
  • ReSound Metrix
  • ReSound Pixel
  • ReSound Pixel mini
  • ReSound Pixel regular
  • ReSound Pulse
    ReSound Quattro
  • ReSound Silhouette
  • ReSound Sparx
  • ReSound X-plore
  • ReSound Ziga



  • Unitron Conversa
  • Unitron Element
  • Unitron Indigo
  • Unitron Latitude
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  • Unitron Next
  • Unitron NT
  • Unitron Passport
  • Unitron Quantum Series
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  • Unitron Unison Series
  • Unitron Yuu Series 


  • Zounds Clareza
  • Zounds Impreza
  • Zounds Potenz
  • Zounds Prezia
  • Zounds Riazo



For more information or you have any selection or fitment questions about the Phonak – Unitron Hearing Aid Domes, please call 1-800-416-2434, Monday thru Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time (6:00 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific Time) USA.

Additional information

Weight 0.01875 lbs
Dimensions 5.6 × 2 × 0.625 in


3 reviews for Phonak – Unitron Hearing Aid Domes

  1. Garrett P. From Frisco, TX.

    Work great. No issues. Normal transaction.

  2. Larry B. From Bend, OR.

    I was concerned about ordering these because it is difficult to discern the size from the description but I picked a medium and got lucky because it was a perfect match to what I had. The smoky color was also a perfect match. Fast service and delivery. I am happy with the product and purchase.

  3. Coretta W. From Spencer, IN.

    These tips fit my Phinak RIC hearing aids perfectly. They are comfortable in my ears. Good pricing and quick shipping from HearSource.

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