ReSound ONE 5
Rechargeable Hearing Aids

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$1,149.00 each

  • Authorized Retailer
  • Brand new from the manufacturer
  • Flat-rate pricing, no hidden fees
  • LIFETIME Remote Support & Sound Adjustments
  • Three (3) Year Manufacturer Warranty
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ReSound ONE 5 Rechargeable Hearing Aids

The ReSound ONE 5 Rechargeable (RIE 61) is ReSound’s Newest (launched in 2020) mid-level hearing aid technology. Save thousands on ReSound ONE 5 rechargeable hearing aids by purchasing from This technology level of the new line of Premium hearing aids are designed for a “RELAXED LIFESTYLE” users.

These new Premium hearing aids are offered as either rechargeable, standard 312, or 13 zinc-air hearing aid battery style options. This particular model uses a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. The standard hearing aid charger is included with your order at NO additional cost to you

ReSound ONE Premium Charger Case
ReSopund ONE 5 Rechargeable Hearing Aid
With Optional Premium Battery Charger Case.

Save hundreds or even thousands on this advanced hearing aid system. This receiver-in-ear (RIE) hearing aid features the latest in advanced hearing aid technology.

Three (3) Year Manufacturer Warranty – Three (3) Year Loss & Damage Coverage

The ReSound ONE 5 rechargeable hearing aids share many hardware and software features with the popular ReSound LiNX Quattro hearing aids and use the same smartphone app (ReSound Smart 3D) as previous generations of LiNX hearing aids.

ReSound ONE 5 utilizes the new “C6 Chip Platform”, ReSound’s fastest and most efficient chip/platform to date. The C6 platform delivers 50% more processing power and 220% more memory compared to LiNX Quattro’s platform, and this enables “sound with greater depth and direction without compromising battery life”.

ReSound ONE 5 – A huge leap forward in the “Naturalness” of sound.

ReSound ONE 5 Rechargeable Hearing Aid Features:

  • LIFETIME Remote Fitting & Sound Adjustments
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable
  • iOS and Android streaming
  • Receiver power levels: LP, MP & HP
  • Directional Sound Processing
  • Spatial Sense
  • Wind Guard
  • Environmental Optimizer & Classifier
  • Sound Shaper
  • PhoneNow
  • Impulse Noise Reduction
  • and more…
ReSound ONE hearing aids with standard charger
ReSound ONE 5 Rechargeable Hearing Aids
With Standard Charger

Recommended for these lifestyles and environments:

  • Religious Services
  • Talking on the Phone
  • Watching TV
  • Home or Quiet Environments



Combines two microphones per hearing aid. 

Made possible by the brand new ReSound ONE 5 sound processing chip-set and feedback management system, DFS Ultra III, this previously unachievable breakthrough uses sound the way nature intended.

Binaural Directionality automatically adjusts directional microphone patterns based on the environment so you can hear what’s important and still monitor the sounds around you.

In noisier situations, Binaural Directionality utilizes a new connection to create a stronger, more focused beam for sounds from the front, providing up to 2 dB better signal-to-noise ratio.


ReSound ONE 5 offers an industry leading rechargeable solution with up to 30 hours of battery life or 25 hours worth unlimited streaming. It adapts to user’s lifestyles by connecting you to the world around you. with direct audio streaming via future-proof Bluetooth Low Energy. Access to the 3D app and a versatile range of wireless accessories gives you even more options to connect to the sounds of everyday life.

ReSound ONE hearing aids in charger
ReSound ONE 5 Rechargeable Hearing Aids
With Optional Premium Charger.
ReSound ONE Hearing Aid Charger Comparison

Remote Assist

ReSound ONE 5 rechargeable hearing aids provides for access to HearSource programming technicians, so you can receive hearing care in the most convenient and safest way.

HearSource TeleHealth Hearing Care Services supports you every step of the way with ReSound Assist

ReSound Remote Assist
  • Live Assistance for face-to-face video appointments from the comfort of your home for your ReSound ONE 5 Hearing Aids.
  • Remote fine-tuning so you can request adjustments to your hearing aids anytime
  • Cutting-edge HearSource TeleHealth technology allows for the broadest range of at-home hearing care services for those with hearing loss. 
  • These new solutions allow people to take a hearing test at home, buy and receive hearing aids and have them adjusted, without ever having to enter any clinic.
ReSound iSolate Moisture Protection

iSolate™ nanotech reliability and durability

Known for its protective qualities against rain, dust, and earwax, every single component of ReSound hearing aids are covered with this renowned polymer coating.

ReSound ONE 5 Color Options

ReSound ONE Hearing aid Colors


The modern design of the ReSound ONE 5 has just one touchpoint on the back of the ear and sits lower for greater discretion and comfort. The new receiver design and enhanced dome security make these hearing aids more comfortable for you to wear.

Organic Hearing

Inspired by their Organic Hearing philosophy, ReSound is always looking for ways to better emulate the way the normal ear works. Because hearing is a process that occurs in the brain, they strive to develop technology that naturally works with the human auditory system.

The unique way that ReSound ONE 5 uses directional technology to ensure benefits in real-life situations is a good example of this strategy. Binaural Directionality III ensures that the brain has the right information to take advantage of an improved signal-to-noise ratio without cutting off access to surrounding sounds.

Smart 3D App

Customize your hearing experience Easily & Discreetly. 

Use the Smart 3D to personalize your hearing aid sound settings to match your personal preferences. Quickly adjust your sound settings of your ReSound ONE 5 hearing aids via the Smart 3D app. You will be more confident with your hearing aids capabilities in the widest available soundscapes and be ready to engage with the world around you. 

ReSound ONE 5 hearing aids are compatible with most modern smartphones. The Smart 3D app was developed for use with the Android and iOS (Apple) marketplace. This downloadable app lets you control your hearing aids utilizing your smartphone. On both mobile phone platforms, the apps provide direct connectivity from smartphones to the hearing aids without the need for any additional (Streaming) devices.

One-tap sound adjustments on the 3D Smart app and a versatile range of wireless accessories give you even more options to connect to the sounds you enjoy every day, like your favorite TV program.

Features of the Smart 3D App

  • Adjust hearing aid volume controls.
  • Change hearing aid programs for different environments.
  • Adjust hearing aid equalizer
  • Initiate hearing aid remote support. (Remote adjustments from HearSource pushed through your smartphone to your hearing aids.)

Full streaming compatibility with Android devices requires minimum Android v10 and Bluetooth 5.0 and that functionality has been enabled by both the phone manufacturer and service carrier.

Wireless Connectivity
Expanding your world through connectivity

ReSound ONE 5 wireless connectivity is shifting the boundaries of how people with hearing loss can access and enjoy sound, information, and entertainment. The 2.4 GHz wireless technology works seamlessly and intuitively, such as the direct streaming from iOS and Android* devices with no need for intermediate devices.

*Full streaming compatibility with Android devices requires minimum Android v10 and Bluetooth 5.0 and that functionality has been enabled by both the phone manufacturer and service carrier.

What’s Included:

New from the Manufacturer hearing aids – NOT Refurbished. Our Prices are “All-Inclusive” with NO HIDDEN COSTS! When you purchase hearing aids from HearSource, you will also receive our complete care package, including:

  • LIFETIME Remote Support and Sound Adjustments
  • Original manufacturer warranty
  • Loss and damage coverage (with $250 per unit deductible)
  • Professional hearing aid programming based on your submitted hearing test, prior to shipping to you
  • Delivery right to your door
  • Remote follow-up services including any need sound adjustments by a licensed hearing professional
  • NanoCare Wax Filters
  • Standard rechargeable battery charger (Premium battery charger optional)
  • An assorted supply/sizes of SureFit domes appropriate for your hearing loss
  • Cleaning/maintenance kit
  • 45-day 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Financing Available
ReSound Unite Accessories
ReSound ONE 5 Hearing aids
Wireless Accessories Help You Hear In Any Environment.

We believe life is at its best when it’s a natural, effortless flow, with nothing holding you back. That is why ReSound has devoted the past 150 years to making life sound better, connecting you to a life without limitations.

Their breakthrough innovations, inspired by the philosophy of organic hearing, all have one core ingredient – YOU. Hearing and hearing care need to be as individual as a fingerprint.

ReSound is part of the GN Group – pioneering great sound from world-leading hearing aids to Jabra office headsets and sports headphones. The GN Group was founded in 1869, and currently employs over 5,000 people worldwide, and is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen.

GN ReSound Headquarters, Ballerup, Denmark.

For more information on ReSound ONE 5 hearing aids, please call 1-800-416-2434, Monday thru Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time (6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time) USA.

The use of the ReSound logo or name and other relevant educational materials on this website are purely for informational purposes about their products we offer for sale.

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6 reviews for ReSound ONE 5
Rechargeable Hearing Aids

  1. Garrett T. From Riverside, CA.

    Good hearing aids. Great support from the folks at Hearsource. I wish the streaming of the telephone calls was a bit louder.

  2. Graham L. From London, KY.

    Good quality. Good Support from Hearsource.

  3. Kenneth L. From Altamonte Springs, FL.

    Very good hearing aids for my father. He is retired and lives in a very active retirement community. He seemed to be missing out on all the activities that the community-sponsored to keep him active. Since we purchased these hearing aids and had them fit/adjusted, he seems more engaged and happy with his life. Thank you HearSource for all your help.

  4. James K. From Dunedin, FL.

    I purchased the Resound ONE 5 hearing aids because I have always worn ReSound hearing aids and I have always been happy with them. they tend to be very durable without issues. Hearsource has been very easy to do business with. What they promise, they deliver.

  5. Nela R. From Iola, KS.

    These hearing aids have been a good thing for me. I hear much better when I wear them.

  6. Kurt G. From St. Louis, MO.

    These hearing aids have made a huge improvement in my Mother’s life. With the COVID thing going on, we were worried about taking her out and about and exposing her to others. I ordered these from HearSource and they arrived programmed for my Mother’s hearing loss in about four days, We gave them to Mom and she put them in and could hear much better immediately. The HearSource people have been a pleasure to work with.

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Hearing Aid Repair Warranty

All hearing aids repaired by HearSource are warranted for six months from the date of shipment to you unless you have specifically requested and paid the additional $50 fee for a one year warranty. To obtain warranty service on any HearSource repair, please enclose a check for processing, shipping & handling for $19.95

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