ReSound Surefit Receiver Link – Low Power (LP)

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ReSound Surefit Receiver Links fit most newer ReSound RIC models, including our LiNX models. This is the Low Power Receiver version, for those with mild to moderate hearing loss. It is typically used with open fit tips, also available here. The Resound Surefit Receiver Link (HP) is available in 5 different lengths, and for left or right ears.



The specifics of the receiver link are usually printed as a small code on the metal casing of the receiver itself. Blue printing for the left ear, red for the right ear. Zero through four for wire length. LP (Low Power) MP (Medium Power), or HP (High Power). If you can’t read your receiver link code, call us to see if we can help you figure out what you need.

Please note that if you are planning on changing the ReSound Surefit Receiver Link yourself, ReSound recommend using a special multitool for unlocking the body of the hearing aid. If you do not have this tool, please contact us when you order replacement receiver links. HearSource is not responsible for damage to hearing aids caused by improper replacement procedures.

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1 review for ReSound Surefit Receiver Link – Low Power (LP)

  1. Garland J.

    This is an original ReSound hearing aid speaker (not a cheap Chinese knock off). I changed it out myself and saved a lot of money. Thankful that HearSource sells directly to to the public.

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