Signia Pure 312 7Nx
Hearing Aid

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Our Price: $1,697.00

  • Discreet Receiver-In-Canal design
  • Highest performance level in the Signia Pure 312 Nx line
  • CROS/BiCros compatible (choose both ears below)
  • Uses standard size 312 zinc-air hearing aid battery for long-lasting operation
  • Made for iPhone – Streams directly from your iPhone to hearing aids.

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Signia Pure 312 7Nx Hearing Aids

Signia Pure 312 7Nx hearing aids, available from for $1,697 each. Premium Technology Level. 3-year warranty. Free LIFETIME remote support and adjustments.

The Signia Pure 312 7Nx is a Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) hearing aid utilizing a standard size 312 zinc-air hearing aid battery for long life. It is the perfect combination of discreet size and maximum performance.

The Signia Pure 312 7Nx hearing aid is part of the newest, premium-level, “Made-for-iPhone” hearing aid family, with advanced “Own Voice” technology. Own Voice Processing detects your own voice and adjusts the output automatically, to provide clearer, sharper hearing in conversations. The Signia Pure 312 7Nx Hearing Aid includes advanced features like Directional SpeechFocus, Tinnitus Relief and discrete control from your iPhone with the myControl app.

It has the capability for treating single-sided deafness with the CROS system.tyhe

Signia Pure 312 7Nx Hearing Aid.
The most natural "own voice" and speech understanding.

Signia Pure 312 7Nx Hearing Aids Key Features:

  • Premium Technology Level
  • Most natural own voice and best speech understanding in noise thanks to Nx chip
  • Long-lasting, high-quality audio streaming
  • Ultra HD e2e and Bluetooth connectivity
  • 3-year warranty
  • 3-year loss & damage coverage

Small, Discreet, Sophisticated

Hidden behind your ear, Signia Pure 312 7Nx is a real high-tech marvel. It offers the most natural sound and highest hearing performance as well as superior connectivity in a sleek design.

For Most Levels Of Hearing Loss

Signia Pure 312 7Nx tackles a wide range of hearing loss from mild to severe, and gives you back the natural sounds of life.

Durable High Performance

Thanks to its standard 312 size battery, Signia Pure 312 7Nx hearing aid offers a long-lasting, superior hearing experience even when you’re streaming audio.


Enjoy direct streaming of phone calls, music, and TV.

Stream audio from a theater production straight into your ears, discreetly adjust the volume to suit your preferences while binge-watching a new series on TV, or hear the fastest route to the most famous sights from your navigation app. All you need is a smartphone.

Through the myControl App, our new hearing aids offer you supreme connectivity for audio streaming from various sources and remote control – all at your fingertips.

myControl App

The myControl App acts as a relay-less remote control for quick and easy adjustments and personalization. It is the only app to offer 360-degree microphone steering. Users can adjust program and volume, system sounds, power on delay, low battery interval, and flight mode.

The industry-leading app also relays smartphone motion sensor data to deliver the best possible hearing while the user is on the move, ensuring their relaxation and safety whatever comes their way.

Similar to a fitness tracker, the myControl App helps wearers look after their hearing health by displaying noise exposure and voice activity, which are health indicators.

In addition, the unique TeleLink acoustic connectivity system allows users to benefit from the myControl App when other wireless systems cannot be used, during flight mode, for example.

Signia hearing aids app

Connect The Signia Pure 312 7Nx To All Your Smart Devices

signia nx telephone


Stream phone calls directly from your Apple smartphone* to your hearing aids for complete convenience.

signia nx music


Listen to your favorite music streamed directly from your hearing aids from your Apple device* for an outstanding sound experience.

signia nx tv


With StreamLine TV, audio from your television can be fed directly into your hearing aids. You can even start streaming and adjust the volume by using myControl App.

signia nx remote

Remote control

The myControl App lets you change your hearing aid settings remotely and personalize your hearing aids to suit your individual preferences.


Signia Pure 312 Nx Hearing Aids Comparison Table

Hearing Programs66644
Ultra HD e2e WirelessProvides clear speech understanding and a natural impression in even the loudest situations.
Direct StreamingYesYesYesYesYes
TwinPhoneIncoming call sounds are played in both ears, rather than in just one ear as most older models would.
TelecareVersion 3.0 of TeleCare allows for hearing specialists and programming technicians to adjust your hearing aids via Internet connection.
Tinnitus TherapiesYesYesYesYesNo
CROS/BiCROSProvides transfer of sound from untreatable deaf ear to the other side.
Volume ControlAppAppAppAppApp
Battery Door / On-Off FunctionYes/YesYes/YesYes/YesYes/YesYes/Yes
Audio InputVia direct streaming
Smartphone CompatibilityiOS and Android: myControl App, myHearing App, touchControl App
Accessory CompatibilityStreamline TV, StreamLine Mic, miniPocket Remote

StreamLine TV

Programmed for superb sound.

Thanks to StreamLine TV, audio from your television can be fed directly into your hearing aids. You can even adjust the volume individually via the Signia app.

For more information or to Buy StreamLine TV Streamer – CLICK HERE.

StreamLine Mic

Hands-free phone calls, music, and more in premium stereo quality

The new StreamLine Mic provides full hands-free audio streaming of phone calls and music with any Bluetooth smartphone. It also works as a remote microphone.

For more information or to Buy StreamLine Mic – CLICK HERE.

miniPocket Remote Control

Discreet control.

The ideal solution for anyone who wants discreet, convenient control of their hearing aids without the need for a large remote control or smartphone. Reliable and easy to use, the miniPocket is small enough to carry on a key ring yet powerful enough to control all essential features.

For more information or to Buy miniPocket Remote Control – CLICK HERE.


Click Sleeves

Click, fit, and go

Available in different sizes, extremely soft silicone sleeves click easily onto your hearing aids. They sit securely in your ears for a completely natural, perfect fit immediately — no need to wait for a custom-made housing as with other in-the-ear hearing aids.

For more information or to Buy Click Domes – CLICK HERE.

For more information about the Signia Pure 312 7Nx Hearing Aids or any other products or services, please call 1-800-416-2434, Monday thru Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. EST (6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time) USA.

The use of the Signia logo or name and other relevant educational materials on this website are purely for informational purposes about their products we offer for sale.

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1 review for Signia Pure 312 7Nx
Hearing Aid

  1. Raymond A. From Santa Barbara, CA.

    I have worn Signia/Siemens hearing aids for years and have always liked then and have heard well with them. They seem to be very quality and durably manufactured products. I purchased Signia 312 Nx7 hearing aids from Hearsource about two months ago. They reached out to me and asked that I provide a review.

    First, they look “pretty”, mine are silver with the matching silver bottom and button. The physical RIC design of the hearing aid housing is nice. They are small, light and discreet. They use a traditional 312 zinc-air hearing aid battery. They sit comfortably on my ears. The ergonomic design of the case of the aid and the receiver wire hold them securely on my ear. The battery door is easy to access and also functions as the on/off switch. The volume control switch is easy to use with a good tactile feel when pressed. All in all, it’s a very attractive hearing aid.

    I had submitted a recent copy of a hearing test that I had performed locally to HearSource for their review. They preprogrammed the hearing aids prior to shipping to me based on that hearing test. They did a fantastic job of preprogramming the hearing aids.

    I wear open fit hearing aids, I have a high-frequency hearing loss with excellent hearing in the low frequencies. I always wear open-fit domes on my hearing aids. This helps reduce the reverberation of my own voice.

    These hearing aids are pretty damn good and it was pretty easy for me to get used to them. My real-world experience with these Signia hearing aids has been excellent. They seamlessly meet the needs of every sound situation that I have encountered. Always providing excellent speech understanding, even in noisy environments. The overall sound quality of these Signia hearing aids is excellent, they are clear and full sounding.

    I have the window down in my car all the time. The hearing aids I have used in the past have struggled with wind noise buffetting. These Signia Pure Nx7 hearing aids seem to handle it well, the wind sounds no louder than it should and it doesn’t interfere with my conversations.

    I have to score both HearSouorce and these hearing aids highly. Outdoors, my experience was similar, the wind has never been an issue.

    Needless to say, I am highly satisfied with these hearing aids and HearSoource.

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