Standard Hearing Aid Repairs

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Our Standard hearing Aid Repairs service covers all brands, types, and styles of hearing aids, 6-month warranty.


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Standard Hearing Aid Repairs (6-Month Warranty)

  • Complete inspection of your hearing aids (preceded by a thorough cleaning)
  • A professional diagnosis and ordering of the needed replacement components (if necessary)
  • Expert repair or replacement of faulty components
  • 6-month warranty

Affordable Hearing Aid Repairs
Available Directly To The Consumer. ALL Brands, Types, and Styles

Discount Standard Hearing Aid Repairs​

HearSource has been repairing ALL brands, types, and styles of hearing aids for over 22 years.

We understand how important your hearing aids are to your quality of life.

Upon arrival at our hearing aid repair lab, our technicians perform a detailed inspection and diagnosis of each hearing aid before repair work proceeds. HearSource repair technicians evaluate ALL of your hearing aid components, including the microphones, volume control, speaker, wires, switches, buttons, processor, etc.

Prior to returning your repaired hearing aid back to you, all hearing aids are thoroughly cleaned and go through an extensive quality control evaluation. Our Standard hearing aid repair service is backed with a six month (6-month) warranty.

Hearing Aid Repairs

Why use HearSource Hearing Aid Repair Lab?

Over 22 years of experience repairing ALL brands, types and styles of hearing aids. For those who depend on hearing aids for better hearing, we provide an inexpensive and reliable alternative to a local hearing aid office. Local hearing aid offices don’t do their own hearing aid repairs in-house, they send them out to a hearing aid repair lab, similar to ours. This added layer of administration adds additional cost and turn around time to you, the consumer. Using HearSource Hearing Aid Repair Lab eliminates this additional layer of expense and time.

The benefits of repairing your hearing aids with us include:

  • Discount Hearing Aid Repairs (Save money)
  • Skip the middle man, repairs are done by us in our laboratory
  • No sales pressure or extra charges
  • Any Brand of hearing aid
  • Any Type of hearing aid
  • Any Style of hearing aid
  • Any Age of hearing aid


HearSource hearing aid repair technicians can repair almost any hearing aid, regardless of its make, style, type or date of manufacture.

Instructions for Shipping Hearing Aids To Us

Ship your hearing aids for repair to :

HearSource Hearing Aid Repair Service
108 E. Pat Rady Way, P.O. Box 364
Bainbridge, IN  46105

When you send your hearing aid into HearSource for repair, please include a note explaining what you think is wrong with it or possibly what caused to to become broken (dropped in the sink, ran over it with my car, etc.). You know your hearing aid better than anybody. Don’t worry about technical talk or hearing aid industry jargon. Just explain in your own words as best you can your hearing aids issues..

Our hearing aid technicians will read your note and start from there. Then, if possible, we will listen and assess your hearing aid’s sound output and its pick up (input). Using specialized hearing aid diagnostic equipment we will determine the issue and do our best to repair your hearing aids.


When shipping hearing aids to our hearing aid repair lab, we strongly suggest that the hearing aids are placed in a crush-proof container such as a pill bottle or hearing aid case. Then place the hearing aid container in a sturdy shipping box for shipping. We also suggest that when shipping your hearing aids to our repair lab that you require a signature upon delivery and/or insure your package. HearSource cannot be held responsible for hearing aids damaged in shipping to us.

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After the hearing aid repair technician completes the repair, it is forwarded to or quality control (QC) team. Our Quality Control Specialist assess the complete functionality of your hearing aid including a multi-point inspection and verification. If QC approves that the hearing aid has been properly repaired, it will be forwarded to the shipping department to be returned to you. If for some reason your hearing cannot be repaired, it will be sent to one of our customer service representatives and you will receive a phone call from us explaining the issue and your options.

Please include your return shipping address, day time phone number (we may have questions), and if possible, your email address.

Our Hearing Aid Repair Success Rate

Over 95% of all the hearing aids sent in to the HearSource Hearing Aid Repair Lab have been successfully repaired.

What Happens If Your Hearing Aid CAN’T Be Repaired?

On rare occasions, some hearing aids just can”t be repaired. This can be for one of several reasons. 

  • The chip (Processor) has gone bad. If the main processor goes bad or has been damaged, we have one of two choices. 1.) If the aid is new enough, we can forward it to the original manufacturer and request that they replace the chip. If the aid is older, the manufacturer may no longer stock the chip and they will decline the repair. Or, 2.) we can return the hearing aid back to you at no cost to you (except the cost of your initial shipping to us) unrepaired.
  • Although HearSource stocks thousands of parts for most hearing aids, sometimes a particular part is just not available. We will return the unrepaired hearing aid back to you, at no cost to you (except the cost of your initial shipping to us).

HearSource repairs hearing aids from ALL around the world. Customers from the United States and Canada are our most common clientele, but commonly we see repairs from Mexico, Europe, South America, Australia, and Asia. 

For more information or to inquire about our hearing aid repair services, please call our office toll free at 1-800-416-2434. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 9 p.m. Eastern Time (6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time) USA.

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3 reviews for Standard Hearing Aid Repairs

  1. Sam W. From Alameda, CA.

    Good job. They repaired a very old hearing aid that no one else would touch. Price was more than fair. 4 stars instead of 5 because it took them about 12 days to get it back to me.

  2. Raoul M.

    Repaired my hearing as necessary. Normal transaction. No issues. Quick shipping. Reasonable price.

  3. Raymond Hensen

    These guys are awesome!

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