Widex CeruStop XL Hearing Aid Wax Guards

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  • 8 Pack of Widex CeruStop Wax Guards
  • Fits a number of hearing aids made by Phonak, ReSound, Unitron & Widex
  • Protects against wax and moisture
  • Easy-to-use replacement filters on a stick for easy positioning on hearing aid
  • Plastic handles to position the filter into the hearing aid


Widex CeruStop XL Hearing Aid Wax Guards provides Widex hearing aids (with custom earmolds) long-term resistance to cerumen (earwax) and moisture issues while actively preventing other foreign materials from entering the receiver (speaker), thereby safeguarding the sound path.

Fits a number of hearing aids made by Phonak, ReSound, Unitron & Widex

Widex CeruStop XL Hearing Aid Wax Guards provides enhanced performance, fewer repair issues, longer hearing aid life and increased user satisfaction.

These Are Original Manufacturer Replacement Filters

Ear wax is one of the main causes of hearing aid malfunction. During daily use, ear wax can work its way into the sound outlet of your hearing aid
and partially or completely block the passage of sound.  By using a wax guard, you can protect your hearing aids from ear wax, thereby minimizing ear wax-related problems.

Easy to use:
A new CeruStop wax guard is mounted on one end of the stick. At the other end is a hook for removing the used wax guard from the hearing aid. Insert the removal hook into the existing wax guard in the sound outlet. Pull the wax guard straight out. Turn the stick/holder around so that the used wax guard is away from the receiver and the new one is in position to be inserted.

HearSource Tip:

The use of the CeruStop wax guards does not eliminate the need for daily cleaning. We recommend brushing the wax guard with a brush (an old toothbrush works great) daily prior to wearing the hearing aids for the day. Hearing aid wax guards should be inspected daily. If the hearing aid is weak/silent or if wax is visible in the wax guard and unable to be brushed clean, it’s time to change the wax guard.

This is a single pack of 8 CeruStop XL wax guards.

Additional information

Weight0.00125 lbs
Dimensions2 × 1.375 × 0.25 in


1 review for Widex CeruStop XL Hearing Aid Wax Guards

  1. Mike A. from Abilene, TX

    Good value and find. Keeping my mom’s hearing aide functioning properly is key. When we ran out, I turned to HearSource to see if I could get the replacements quickly and for less money than what the doctor would charge. This was a good value for the money and will provide the needed maintenance to the hearing aide at home.

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