Widex Dream 440 Fusion

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Discontinued by the manufacturer. Discontinued by the manufacturer.

Widex Unique 440 Fusion
Hearing Aid


  • Remote Programming Since 2006
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Best price or we will BEAT IT.

Product Description


15-channel processing

  • Precise fit for challenging hearing losses
  • Optimal responsiveness to your every listening environment

Channel-specific directionality, Reverse Focus and FreeFocus

  • Ultimate clarity for speech coming from any direction

InterEar Speech Enhancer SII

  • Enhances the dominant voice in a crowd

TruSound Compression and EDRC with low kneepoint

  • Ultimatel listening comfort
  • Effective background noise reduction
  • Better hearing for soft and distant speech

Personal Audibility Extender

  • Customized enhanced high-frequency emphasis for more brilliant sound

InterEar Feedback Canceling

  • Stops annoying hearing aid whistling before it starts

15-channel HD Locator

  • Helps you find the source and direction of sounds

TRUE Integrated Signal Processing

  • Preserves sound’s fine details and subtle nuances, without the echo

InterEarTM technology

  • Seamlessly synchronizes both hearing aids for natural sound
  • Simulates natural binaural 

DEX Assistive Listening Devices

  • Ultimate connectivity with your favorite audio devices
  • Optional remote control provides added control
  • 45 Day Money Back Guarantee!
  • 3 Year Repair Warranty
  • 3 Year Loss and Damage Coverage
  • Wireless Hearing Aid Platform

Dream Model Comparison Chart

Processing and Fine Tuning Channels151053
Personal HD Locator15 ch10 ch5 chBroadband
Reverse FocusYYY
Intra-Ear Feedback CancellingIEIEIE
Feedback CancellingY
Digital PinnaYY
Speech Enhancer SII
IE Intra-Ear: hearing aids communicate left-right to double computing power.
TruSound SoftenerYY
Speech Enhancer SIIIEY
Personal ZenIE
Partner MonitorIE
Zen / Zen+ Zen Programs are designed to provide relief from the effects of tinnitus.
IE Intra-Ear: hearing aids communicate left-right to double computing power.
IE Intra-Ear: hearing aids communicate left-right to double computing power.
IE Intra-Ear: hearing aids communicate left-right to double computing power.
Program Push ButtonProgrammed for: Comfort control, program shift or a combination of the two.
Personal Audibility ExtenderYYYY
Personal AcclimatizationYYYY
SmartSpeak / SmartToneYYYY
IE Volume ControlIEIEIEIE
IE Program ShiftIEIEIEIE
WidexLink to DEX assistive listening devicesAlso includes DEX assistive listening devices: TV-DEX, COM-DEX, UNI-DEX, RC-DEX, FM+DEX, PHONE-DEX, and T-DEX.

Product Summary


DREAM is a family of remarkable hearing aids from Widex. The DREAM 440 by Widex provides more sound, more words and an experience that’s more personal than ever before.

With the DREAM 440 series, sounds will seem richer, with greater depth dimension and detail. Speech will be clear through the use of our unique True-Input Technology that preserves the nuances of the human voice, while minimizing background noise in social environments.

Plus, DREAM 440 is highly personal available in the Fusion 2 models in 14 colors. Pair that with a comfortable fit and a personalized website created for patients, and you’ll see why DREAM is a dream come true for many with hearing loss.

  • Ultimate Performance in Noise
    • True ISP platform
    • True-Input Technology
    • 15 channel InterEar TruSound compression
      • TruSound Softener to provide comfort
      • TruSound stabilizers
      • Hammer detector
      • TruSound AOC
  • 15 channel HD Locator
  • Digial pinna
  • InterEar Speech Enhancer SII
  • Noise reduction with SIS
  • Reverse Focus Program
  • Ultimate Sound Quality
    • 15 channel analysis and processing
    • True-Input Technology
    • InterEar TruSound compression
    • InterEar Feedback canceling
    • EDRC with low compression kneepoint
  • Ultimate in frequency range expansion
    • Personal Audibility Extender
    • ClearBand (availiable in certain styles)
    • RIC receivers, up to 3 (model dependent)
  • Ultimate in user-friendliness
    • SmartSpeak
    • InterEar Parnter Monitor
    • InterEar Volume Control
    • InterEar Program shift
    • Up to 5 listening programs
  • Ultimate in tinnitus management
    • InterEar ZEN
    • InterEar ZEN+
    • InterEar Personal ZEN
  • Ultimate wireless connectivity
    • WidexLink platform
    • InterEar Features
    • DEX accessories
      • RC-DEX
      • M-DEX
      • TV-DEX
      • FM-DEX
      • PHONE-DEX
  • Ultimate battery life with POWERSAVER technology
  • Telephone Flexibility with 8 phone options including phone+
  • MY.WIDEX.COM – a personal smart site for hearing aid wearers

Additional information

Weight1 lbs


Widex Hearing Aid Model


Technology Level


Hearing Aid Repair Warranty

3 Year Repair Warranty

Battery Sizes


Smartphone Compatibility

Android Capable – No Direct Stream

Audio Streaming

Audio Stream with Accessory – Android, Audio Stream with Accessory – Apple iOS

Special Features

Professional Remote Programming

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  1. Danielle G.

    Hearing aids came very fast after ordering. Can’t beat the price!

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