Widex Evoke 330 Fusion 2


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  • 3 Year Repair Warranty
  • 3 Year Loss and Damage Coverage
  • Wireless Hearing Aid Platform
  • Made for iPhone Connectivity

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    Optional Widex Accessories

    Listed below are optional widex hearing aid accessories that can be added to your hearing aid order.

    Widex Z-Power Rechargeable Kit

    Add  the Z-Power Charging kit. This will enable your widex hearing aids to be rechargeable. Simple drop in operation. Never have to replace disposable hearing aid batteries again. (1 year warranty)

    • $

    Control the volume of the Widex hearing aids with this small remote control. (1 year warranty)

    • $

    Widex COM-DEX Wireless Hearing Aid Accessory
    Connect your smartphone to the Widex hearing aids with the Com-Dex.  Hands free calling and streaming. (1 year warranty)

    • $

    Connect and stream the audio from your TV directly through the Widex hearing aids. (1 year warranty)

    • $
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Product Description

Widex Evoke 330

The WIDEX RIC is based on the WIDEX E-platform, with Fluid Sound Technology that handles automatic processing more accurately and faster than before. WIDEX RIC is the first hearing aid to use Sound Sense Learn to learn from the wearer’s preferences and help guide
them to a better, more personalized sound. The RIC has an optional ZPower rechargeable solution.

2.4 GHz Bluetooth connectivity with the customizable App allows for direct streaming of audio as well as direct control from smartphones and tablets.

● Direct wireless mobile connectivity (2.4 GHz)
● Multiple wireless connectivity options via WidexLink technology
● Compatible with the DEX assistive listening devices
● 4 performance levels 440/330/220
● Uses a size 312 battery
● Protection class IP68 (only non-rechargeable solution)
● Minimal to severe hearing losses


Connect to your EVOKE hearing aid, stream sound and control the functions of the world’s first machine-learning hearing aid. Every time you personalize your listening experience, EVOKE learns. What you can do with the EVOKE app: Create personalized programs or let the hearing aids adapt automatically to your needs – Add locations to programs for automatic selection based on where you go – Adjust the volume, and mute your hearing aids – Control streaming volume from your iPhone – Adjust directional focus to hear what you want and reduce background noise – Adjust the bass, middle and treble levels using the equalizer – Access the “Find my hearing aid” feature to help locate your hearing aids if you lose or misplace them

Tone Link App

The ToneLink app by Widex transforms your smartphone into a multi-parameter remote control for your EVOKE hearing aids. With the ToneLink app you can easily adjust volume, mute and unmute, change programs and adjust directional focus to aid listening.

Widex Evoke Features

Evoke Fusion 2 RIC
Hardware Features
Battery Size312
IP Rating 68
Made for iPhone
Volume Control
Push Button

Widex Evoke Technology Levels

Manufacture Warranty 3 years3 years2 years
Loss & Damage3 years3 years2 years
Processing Channels151210
WidexLink Wireless Connectivity
High Frequency Boost
Preference Control
SmartWind Manager
TrueSound Softner
Noise Reduction
Audibility Extender
2.4 GHz control (Android and iOS)
2.4 GHz Audio Streaming (iOS)

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