Widex MOMENT 440 mRIC
Rechargeable Hearing Aids

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WIDEX MOMENT 440 mRIC hearing aid (Mini Receiver-In-Canal) is the smallest lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aid on the market.

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WIDEX MOMENT 440 mRIC Rechargeable Hearing Aid

Newest Flagship hearing aid. Widex MOMENT 440 mRIC (Mini Receiver-In-Canal) Rechargeable hearing aid, available from HearSource, SAVE THOUSANDS.

Free LIFETIME remote support & sound adjustments included. 3-year manufacturer warranty. 3-year loss and damage coverage.

The Widex MOMENT 440 mRIC Rechargeable hearing aid is their newest FLAGSHIP hearing aid and is based on their new MOMENT platform, with PureSound and ZeroDelay technology.

The MOMENT also uses TrueAccoustics technology. TrueAccoustics overcomes the challenges of fitting open/vented receivers for mild to moderate hearing losses.

  • Hear the moment with pure, natural sound
  • Live in the moment with lithium-ion rechargeability and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Be in the moment with AI-powered personalization and data-driven evolution
  • TeleHealth Hearing Services available via HearSource & Widex Remote Care App.
  • Widex Remote Care

    TeleHealth Hearing Via Remote Care

    TeleHealth Hearing Services provided via HearSource & REMOTE CARE. Remote Care allows us to remotely test hearing (In-Situ), fit, program, fine-tune, and diagnose our clients’ hearing aids remotely without compromise. Because all the data shared via Real-Life Insights is also available within REMOTE CARE, we can provide remote sound adjustments based on your actual hearing challenges, wherever you are in the world.

    Full-Service On-Demand Hearing Care
    Video visits, live adjustments, warranty handling, and more…

    Complete TeleCare

    Download the manufacturer-developed full-service, Remote Care TeleHealth app for Android or Apple iOS to your smartphone. This free app enables synchronous, remote hearing aid adjustments made in real-time by your HearSource hearing specialist.

    Live Video Visits

    Receive free lifetime unlimited, face-to-face TeleHealth visits with us via the Remote Care TeleHealth app & HIPAA compliant video software.  Speak to a HearSource hearing specialist regularly for adjustments, repairs, warranty claims & more.

    Hearing Exam

    Send us a copy of a recent audiogram. A HearSource hearing specialist will review the hearing test results and make recommendations specifically for your hearing loss, lifestyle, and budget.

    Rapid Repairs

    HearSource will facilitate any repairs and if necessary and coordinate all repair details directly with the manufacturer.

    This sound Changes Everything

    All hearing aids will be compared to this one

    Meet the first hearing aid that doesn’t sound like a hearing aid

    About Widex MOMENT 440 mRIC Hearing Aids

    All the benefits of the Widex MOMENT 440 mRIC has been fit into the smallest lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aid package on the market.

    You can rest easy knowing you’ll always have the power you need in a discreet hearing solution. Plus, you’ll never have to struggle with changing hearing aid batteries.

    Introducing Widex Moment mRIC Hearing Aids
    Widex Moment mRIC Rechargeable Hearing Aids with battery charger.


    The Widex Moment 440 mRIC rechargeable hearing aid is also one of the newest lithium-Ion rechargeable hearing aid offerings in the industry (introduced Spring of 2020). The MOMENT family of hearing aids offers a full range of hearing solutions utilizing the most advanced digital hearing technologies.

    This hearing aid includes Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies. This hearing aid is considered “Made for iPhone” and “Made for Android“.

    The Widex MOMENT 440 mRIC hearing aids continue the era of intelligent hearing. Machine Learning provides for the future update of algorithm improvements to be available for download into your existing hearing aids. MOMENT hearing aids will evolve and improve over time.

    Widex MOMENT 440 mRIC hearing aids not only learn from you but everyone around the world who uses them.

    The best hearing experience starts with the perfect delivery of sound to the ear. Therefore, if Widex is to set a new standard for hearing aid sound quality, they must change the paradigm for ideal sound. Changing the paradigm of sound with a revolutionary NEW platform – MOMENT. 

    Widex Moment Hearing Aid, This sound Changes Everything.

    The Widex MOMENT 440 mRIC hearing aid delivers the purest, natural sound ever. Typically, sound processed in a hearing aid hits the eardrum a millisecond later than direct sound, causing artifacts. But now you can hear like never before. From the very first moment.


    With the new Widex MOMENT 440 mRIC hearing aids, they have achieved this goal. They have created a revolutionary new way to process sound – an industry-defining, ultra-fast signal pathway that eradicates the inherent artifacts in classic hearing solutions. Widex calls this new hearing experience PureSound – powered by ZeroDelay technology.

    Thanks to the ultra-fast ZeroDelay pathway on the Widex MOMENT 440 mRIC platform, PureSound makes a real, audible difference to users. Research shows that a large majority of both new and experienced users prefer PureSound across different sound and listening environments.

    Widex Moment Hearing Aids Sound Quality Survey Rating
    Widex Moment Rated #1 is sound quality

    Audiologist’s Rank Widex Moment #1 for Sound Quality

    In a Hearing Tracker survey (Third Quarter of 2020) of 500 audiologists, the Widex Moment hearing aids were rated number one for sound quality.


    Advanced water-resistant nano-coating reduces the risk of moisture damage to Widex Moment 440 mRIC hearing aids.

    No battery door in this rechargeable RIC hearing aid also means fewer gaps for moisture entry. The rechargeable’s more durable mic, new mic inlet design, connector o-ring, and wireless charging are also crafted to improve moisture resistance.

    Widex hearing aid moisture resistant
    Widex MOMENT mRIC Color Chart
    All Widex Moment 440 mRIC Colors Are Now Currently Available.

    SoundSense Learn

    SoundSense Learn uses real-time machine learning to intuitively guide users toward a more personalized sound. With just a few taps in a smartphone app, you can decide how you want to hear. Tests show that the new MOMENT app interface gives an improved user experience.

    Widex Moment 440 mRIC Hearing Aids Evolve Over Time To Keep Getting Smarter

    Widex SoundSense Learn App

    All hearing aids automatically make assumptions about how to make you hear better. Most of the time they get it right, but occasionally in specific sound environments, they don’t. Typically, when in those sound environments where the hearing aids aren’t sounding the way you want, the user would normally make a small manual adjustment to the sound settings.

    Widex has developed a new technology called SoundSense Learn. SoundSense Learn provides that as you use your Widex MOMENT 440 mRIC hearing aids, their functionality evolves. As you and all the others around the world personalize listening experiences and preferences, Moment learns from different sound situations and your inputs.

    Widex uses this aggregated anonymous data from the changes you and everybody else made to create a better listening experience for all. That means that the hearing aids you buy today will be better tomorrow.

    SoundSense Learn was developed to help hearing aid wearers hear how they want to hear. SoundSense allows the wearer more control of how they hear at that specific moment, using a simple smartphone interface. SoundSense Learn helps the wearer control how they hear by simply presenting comparative sound options via a smartphone app.

    This easy-to-use smartphone app guides the wearer to better hearing by using A/B comparisons. The wearer listens to the A/B comparisons of the environment that they are in, through their hearing aids. The wearer simply selects either A or B, whichever sounds better. It is as easy as that. The automatic machine learning algorithm takes care of the rest.

    The Widex Moment 440 mRIC Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine analyzes the wearer’s preferences derived via the SoundSense Learn app and quickly presents the tailor-made sound that the wearer is looking for.

    To date, SoundSense Learn has created almost a million personal sound solutions for hearing aid users around the world – each one making their AI engine more perceptive than ever before, leading to better “Real World” hearing solutions for every Moment hearing aid user.


    Widex Moment 440 mRIC hearing aids strive to deliver a truly natural better-hearing experience to every client, regardless of hearing loss, hearing aid selection, or personal listening preference. In order to deliver sound as individual as this, they created the worlds only hearing aid that can learn how an individual user wants to hear in the moment.

    Hearing Aids With and Without SoundSense Learn Comparison

    In a comparative study of hearing aid users, 89% of test participants reported significantly better sound quality and hearing using the settings achieved utilizing the SoundSense Learn protocol. The test participants were also consistently happier with the sound comfort that SoundSense Learn provided.

    Sound Class Technology

    Widex Moment 440 mRIC uses the latest MOMENT Platform microprocessor and processes sound across 15 separate channels. 15 channels are typical of Widex’s top of the line hearing aids. Unique to Widex is Sound Class Technology, the hearing aid constantly monitors and automatically identifies what kind of sound environment you are in. It then automatically adjusts its sound settings to maximize your ability to understand speech.

    The Widex Moment 440 mRIC hearing aid offers 11 distinct sound settings.

    The 440 also has a “High-Frequency Boost” feature that provides additional clarity when needed.

    Widex hearing aid Sound Class Chart

    InterEar (IE) Technology

    Nature has provided us with two ears that work together, allowing us to easily experience sound from different directions. InterEar is inspired by this fundamental characteristics of normal hearing.

    With InterEar functionality every input received by one hearing aid is shared with the other hearing aid. The sharing of data between the two hearing aids is extremely fast – up to 21 times a second.  The result of this advanced binaural processing is an improved experience of sound quality, localization and singling out of dominant speech.

    Allowing both hearing aids to act as one system is referred to as InterEar (IE) technology. IE technology provides for instantaneous exchange of data between hearing aids. Both hearing aids act in concert with each other for noise reduction, compression, and directionality functions. IE technology allows Moment to enhance hearing effectiveness and deliver a natural hearing experience to the wearer.

    The preservation of minute differences in sound presented to our brain helps provide a superior spatial awareness.

    The sharing and synchronization of data are facilitated by WidexLink, the first wireless technology designed especially to allow both InterEar data transmission, synchronization, and digital wireless transmission of audio to hearing aids.

    Zen Tinnitus Management

    Widex hearing aids have a tinnitus desensitization feature called Zen. Zen is a proprietary technology. Zen helps reduce or desensitize the wearer to the effects of tinnitus. The hearing aids present predictable non-repetitive sounds to the wearer. Zen should be used in conjunction with professional tinnitus management counseling.

    Widex wind attenuation

    Wind Noise Suppression

    Wind Noise Suppression is the industry’s leading wind noise reduction feature. The Widex Moment 440 mRIC attenuates more wind noise than any other hearing aid.

    2.4 GHz Connectivity

    This 2.4 GHz hearing aid is ready for direct streaming from Apple iOS and DEX Accessories via the MOMENT app. It’s also prepared for future connections with Android.

    Widex Dex Accessories
    Widex DEX Accessories


    Widex Moment App

    With WIDEX MOMENT, you have the option to fully control your hearing aids using an app on your iPhone or Android phone. It’s never been easier to fine-tune your hearing, so you get exactly the sound you prefer – in exactly the moments that are important to you. Smart development and testing make for an easy, intuitive user experience. And dark mode appearance ensures discreet use.

    Connect your hearing aids to your smartphone and stream sound or control hearing aid functions. The MOMENT hearing aid app works with Android and Apple devices. Check the compatibility list for supported models.

    • Create your own personalized hearing programs or let the hearing aids automatically adapt themselves
    • Add locations to sound programs for automatic selection based on where you go
    • Adjust the directional focus to hear what you want and reduce background noise
    • Access SoundSense Learn to let MOMENT personalize your hearing in real-time
    • Adjust the bass, mid or treble levels using the equalizer
    • Access the “Find my hearing aid” feature to help locate your missing or misplaced hearing aids.
    • Adjust volume, mute, control streaming

    What you can do with the MOMENT App:

    Widex Moment App Main Page
    Change Volume & Programs
    Widex Moment App Directionality Control
    Control Directionality
    Widex Moment App Equalizer
    Sound Equalizer
    Widex Moment SoundSense Learn App
    SoundSense Learn
    Widex Moment App Programs
    Label Your Saved Sound Settings
    Widex Moment App Menu
    Operational Information

    Download the Moment App

    Widex Moment Accessories

    TV Play

    Widex MOMENT 440 mRIC (Mini Receiver-In-Canal) R D (2.4 GHz) hearing aids work in perfect unison with TV Play, the most versatile, stable, and straightforward sound streaming solution yet.

    • Maximum streaming stability lets users move freely around the room without missing a second of the outstanding stereo TV sound the TV Play delivers.
    • An elegant and versatile TV sound-streaming solution that integrates nicely with modern decor and can be placed in front of or attached to the back of a TV.

    Easy to install and seamless to pair, users can easily control the TV Play with the button on their hearing aid, the RC-Dex, or customize their listening experience with the MOMENT Smartphone App.

    RC-Dex Hearing Aid Remote Control

    RC-DEX is a basic wireless remote control for Widex hearing aids. RC-Dex offers simple and discreet adjustability of volume and between programs.

    • Stylish and easy to use
    • Discreet – You don’t need to touch your hearing aids for adjustments
    • Verbal cue confirmation
    • Fits on your keychain
    • A lock switch prevents accidental activation


    RC-DEX is brilliantly designed with only three simple keys and is small enough to fit in your pocket or on a key chain. As features are activated, the wearer hears verbal cues thru the hearing aids. An LED indicator light also lights up when activated. Click here for more information or to buy RC-DEX.

    Phone-Dex 2


    Widex Phone-DEX 2
    The Phone-Dex 2 is an all-purpose cordless telephone for use with Widex hearing aids.

    Home phone calls stream directly to your hearing aids

    A phone for hearing aid wearers or the whole family
    Phone-Dex 2 has a large color display and is incredibly easy to use. This phone is used, operated, and held just like any normal telephone. Friends and family can use the phone as normal. Phone-Dex 2 also includes an integrated answering machine.

    Phone-Dex 2’s memory can store up to 150 contacts. The base station also acts as a charger. Users enjoy 14 hours of talk and 320 hours of standby time. The handset reliably works up to 160 ft from the base station. PHONE-DEX 2 is compatible with Widex MOMENT 440 mRIC Hearing Aids.

    Phone-Dex 2 Features:

    • Direct communication to both hearing aids
    • Emergency button
    • A mailbox with 25-minute recording capacity
    • 150 contacts directory
    • Call signal LED light
    • Alarm
    • Large color screen
    • 14 hr talk & 320 hr standby time
    • 160 feet range from base

    Click here for more information or to Buy Phone-Dex 2.

    Widex Offers Five Different Comfortable “Instant Tips” For All Types Of Hearing Loss

    Widex Moment Hearing Aid tips

    <— Less Occluding to More Occluding —>

    NanoCare Wax Guards

    NanoCare Hearing Aid Wax Guards provide resistance to cerumen (earwax) and moisture issues while actively preventing other materials from entering the receiver (speaker) and safeguarding the sound path.

    NanoCare Hearing Aid Wax Guards provide enhanced performance, fewer repair issues, longer hearing aid life, and increased user satisfaction.

    Buy Widex NanoCare Wax Guards

    Widex MOMENT 440 mRIC R D Hearing Aid Product Summary

    The Widex MOMENT 440 mRIC technology performance level is the best of the best. Widex Moment 440 mRIC hearing aids have the latest MOMENT chip at their heart. This new chip brings the TruAcoustics program, as well as the PureSound and ZeroDelay technology. It also comes with SoundSense Adapt, which learns user preferences over time.

    • HearSource Remote Programmable & Adjustments, Anywhere In The World.
    • The Smallest Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Hearing Aid On The Market.
    • Three (3) year manufacturer warranty – Three (3) year loss and damage coverage.
    • 11 sound classes – Provides for accurate sound processing and a more precise hearing experience.
    • 15 channels for processing and fine tuning – Provides more options for personalized sound processing catering to wearer preferences and individual hearing needs.
    • WidexLink wireless connectivity – Fast, echo-free transmission of sound between hearing devices for binaural coordination and to DEX accessories for streaming a variety of signals.
    • SoundSense Learn – Machine learning algorithm to effortlessly guide the wearer’s to a better, more personalized hearing experience.
    • SoundSense Adapt – Adaptive learning to gradually remember the wearers preferred settings across multiple parameters for each sound class environment, resulting in better sound.
    • Fluid Sound Controller – Adjustment of more parameters in every sound class and in real time for a more natural sound.
    • Programs – Wide range of listening programs for specific and challenging situations.
    • Smartwind Manager – Keeps speech and other important sounds audible while significantly reducing wind annoyance.
    • High Frequency boost – Clear and crisp sound in high frequencies. Important for severe high frequency hearing losses.
    • Speech Enhancer (RT/IE) – Reduces noise and enhances speech in real time in response to individual sound situations and hearing loss.
    • Digital Pinna – Helps locate and focus naturally on the voice in front or behind by mimicking the pinna effect.
    • Fluid Sound Analyzer (11 Sound Classes) – Intuitive analysis of the sound environment in order to prioritize and select the most important sound sources.
    • HD Locator – Better speech intelligibility in noise with channel-specific directionality for speech emphasis.
    • TruSound Softener – Preserves comfort for sudden sounds at any input level by taking the edge off impact/impulse sounds.
    • Soft-Level Noise Reduction –  Unwanted soft background noises are reduced for greater listening comfort.
    • Noise Reduction –  Listening comfort in noise while maintaining speech.
    • ZEN IE – A tinnitus management tool for reducing the effects of tinnitus, using soothing tones and/or noise; additional programs are available with ZEN+ app.
    • Audibility Extender – Improves perception and production of important high-frequency speech sounds, ideal for more significant high frequency hearing losses.
    • Variable Speed Compression – Automatic gearing for smooth sound and stable audibility in each individual sound class.
    • MOMENT App – Easy connection and control from most smartphones. This is the preferred, full-featured app.
    • TONELINK App – Easy connection and control from most smartphones. This is the lighter remote control app.

    For more information on the Widex MOMENT 440 mRIC lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aids or any accessories, please call 1-800-416-2434, Monday thru Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time (6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time) USA.

    The use of the Widex logo or name and other relevant educational materials on this website is purely for informational purposes about the products we offer for sale.

    Additional information

    Weight 1 lbs
    Dimensions 5 × 4 × 3 in
    Widex Hearing Aid Model


    Hearing Aid Repair Warranty

    3 Year Repair Warranty

    Battery Sizes

    Lithium-Ion Rechargebale

    24 reviews for Widex MOMENT 440 mRIC
    Rechargeable Hearing Aids

    1. Harold G. From Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

      These hearing aids work well for me. As I age, I find myself listening to more music. I seem to be enjoying listening to my stereo system more since purchasing these very small, discrete hearing aids.

      I am missing a lot of the high-frequency range of my hearing and had a lot of difficulty in group gatherings, restaurants, etc. My family was also frustrated with me always having to repeat everything that they said to me.

      I wear them all day and just put them in and forget about them. I only have to adjust the volume occasionally in very noisy situations.

      My local retailers are expensive, so it was worthwhile (and very instructive) shopping around a bit. Don’t go cheap. HearSource is offering these top-of-the-line hearing aids for a much better price than the local dealer. They have also been a pleasure to work with. I am very happy with these hearing aids and the skillfulness of the HearSource staff.

    2. Randall F. From Fairfax, VA.

      Received my Widex Moment 440 rechargeable hearing aids (black) about one week ago from HearSource.com. I have had only one (the requested initial fitting) remote support session from the HearSource programming technician. They are really good at what they do. Very thorough. I previously had been wearing Widex Evoke 440’s with a traditional 312 hearing aid battery. WOW. I truly cannot tell that I am wearing hearing aids. The sound is so natural. I have a near-normal hearing loss in the low frequencies and it drops off rapidly about 2,000 Hz. I think I hear pretty well without hearing aids (my wife would disagree) but have trouble making out the exact words, especially when there is background noise. The Evokes did a great job, the Moments are better. The Moments are very small and comfortable.

    3. Farzad H. From Louisville, KY.

      Excellent hearing aids. But I think the true value is the HearSource support staff themselves.

    4. James E. From Hendersonville, TN

      I am in the “Music Sound Industry” and have worn hearing aids for seven years. This is my second set of hearing aids. I selected the Widex Moment 440 hearing aids for their sound quality alone. I have worn them for several months now and feel I can give a proper review. They are outstanding in their day-to-day conversational correction for my hearing loss. I am very picky when it comes to sound quality. They do a magnificent job in that area. The Widex Moment App. is very good and allows me to fine-tune on my own, the sound output in specific situations. The HearSource professional staff is probably one of the most professional and competent groups I have ever worked with. Overall, I am rating these hearing aids a good strong four stars. The only reason it is not a five-star rating is their obvious inability to reproduce music to the high level that other headphones are capable of. Not really a shortcoming on their part, just a fact of the small speakers required for hearing aid wear compared to those of high-end headphones.

    5. Miguel H. From San Diego, CA.

      Good hearing aids, great service from Hearsource.com

    6. Benjamin G. From Keizer, OR.

      The best of the best. Absolutely perfect sound quality. I have a high-frequency hearing loss with a very mild loss below 1000 Hz. These Widex Moment 440 mRIC hearing aids perform flawlessly. HearSource has them dialed-in perfectly. I use the “Pure Sound” setting almost all the time. The battery stays charged about 18 hours before needing to be recharged including a fair amount of streaming (phone calls).

    7. Kirk B. From Chevy Chase, MD.

      In my personal opinion, there’re a lot of very good hearing aids available on the market. Widex, ReSound, Signia, Phonak, to name just a few. The difference in the success of the fitting is the actual person who programs the sound settings specifically for the individual hearing loss, like and dislikes, etc. HearSource has done an excellent job of getting these hearing aids dialed in just right for me and my hearing loss. Don’t get me wrong, I selected these Widex Moment 440 rechargeable hearing aids for their technology and performance characteristics, but HearSource did their job to perfection. I recommend them highly.

    8. Holt N. From Adelanto, CA.

      Excellent hearing aids and service.

    9. Adam M. From Milford, KS

      These guys are awesome. 100 % !!!

    10. Delores V. From Niagara Falls, NY

      I absolutely love my new Widex Moment 440 mRIC hearing aids. They are perfectly comfortable, I don’t even feel them in my ears. I wear them all day. I do hear so much better, I am more confident when having a one-on-one conversation or when I am in a group. I have not had any negative experiences or difficulty hearing people in restaurants.

      I really enjoy the fact that these are rechargeable hearing aids and I don’t have to change batteries. I just put them in the charger at night and they are good for an entire day of use. Another aspect that I didn’t think would be a big deal but I have found to be important for me (ignorance on my part) is that I have these hearing aids paired to my iPhone. I never knew how much I would enjoy hearing phone calls in stereo through the hearing aids. It really helps.

      HearSource has been extremely easy and professional to deal with. I have no issues with them either. They do what they say they will do.
      They made these hearing affordable for me to purchase and have done an excellent job of supporting me.

    11. William J. From Granger, IN.

      Thank you, Thank you, Thank you HearSource. This hearing technology would have been totally unaffordable to me without your pricing. You have made an such unbelievable improvement in my quality of life, both with this hearing aid system and your company’s support. Five stars is not a high enough rating for your company or this hearing system.

    12. Allen S. From Inglewood, CA.

      I have worn these Widex Moment 440 mRIC hearing aids for about four months or so. Initially, there were a few hiccups in the app, but I was told that Widex was aware of the issues and was working on it. Last week the update was completed on the app and everything has been corrected. I love the hearing aids. They sound so much more natural than other hearing aid that I have worn. I chose to go with the rechargeable system. I was impressed at the small size of the hearing aids. Mine are fitted with open silicone tips (based on my hearing loss). I truly can’t tell that I am wearing them (they are comfortable) except that when I am wearing them, I hear better. Thank you to Widex for developing such an awesome hearing aid and to HearSource for providing them at a price that I can afford and their awesome support.

    13. Neil S. From Dublin, CA.

      My local audiologist is one of the most respected members of the California audiology community. She advised me NOT to buy hearing aids online. WRONG. I can tell you that the service at HearSource exceeds that of my local provider. Not only did they answer numerous pre-sale question but their post sale service was outstanding. My first remote session to fine tune my programming was done by the audiologist while he was on vacation at 11pm at night. Now that’s customer service. My Moment 440 hearing aids arrived in just a few days along with a custom ear mold. The package arrived with a carry case, a remote link, small tool set, charger, extra wax stops and extra speaker tips. My Widex warranty cards arrived a few days later. I have since had 2 more remote sessions which occurred on the same day I requested them. I am very pleased with the performance of the hearing aids and the ability to create a custom profile and the ability to adjust the equalizer to suit the environment. I will also add that the music profile provided by the audiologist is just superb. Widex, HearSource, and the hearing aids are all superb. I am a customer for life.

    14. Gary S. From Concord, NH.

      Overall, I love my Widex Moment 440 mRIC hearing aids. I especially love the rechargeable option. They have a small quality feeling charger with ports you just drop the aids in every night. Placing them in the charger automatically turns their power off and they start charging. Removing them from the charger automatically powers the aids back up. I wear them at least 10-12 hours a day and stream all phone calls and music to them quite a lot. I have yet to run out of battery power. I have heard the “low battery” announcement a couple of times, but that’s all.

      They fit well and are comfortable, I use open tips, so it is similar to what I am used to with my previous Widex Unique hearing aids. The “PureSound” program is absolutely amazing. It is the most natural sound I’ve ever heard wearing hearing aids. I do find myself fixated on and editing the PureSound program and then saving it as a personal program.

      My only issue with these is that the Moment app disconnects at least daily from one or both hearing aids. I have to turn the app off and then back on to reconnect. Minor annoyance. The HearSource folks advised that Widex knows about the issue and that Widex would be coming out with a firmware update in the near future to correct. But without a doubt, these are awesome hearing aids and I love the PureSound feature, to me, it is absolutely worth it.

    15. Richard F. From St. George, UT.

      This is my first set of rechargeable hearing aids, and overall, I’m loving them. I am a little worried that I’ll forget to charge them some night, but so far, so good. Also, this sound is the best I’ve ever heard with any hearing aids. I upgraded from wearing Oticon Opn hearing aids from a few years back, which were supposed to be pretty good hearing technology at the time, but these are honestly much more natural sounding to me. I am liking being able to get connected with the HearSource Support Team through the Widex Remote Care app to get remote sound adjustments. They (HearSource) have been great to work with. I’ve managed to do a little fine-tuning myself using the Widex Moment app on my own also. I highly recommended both HearSource and Widex Moment hearing aids. A definite buy recommendation from me. ?

    16. Avery C. From Aurora, CO.

      I absolutely love my new Widex Moment 440 Rechargeable hearing aids. They are very comfortable, I wear them all day, every day. I was never able to wear my old hearing aids all day due to a lack of comfort. I actually looked for opportunities NOT to wear them. Not so with these, I always have them in, morning till bedtime, every day. I hear so much better. I am so much more confident at work and social situations. I feel I hear well either one-on-one or in a group. Recently, I was in a busy restaurant and did not experience any difficulty hearing the people at my table or with background noise. That was quite a change compared to my previous hearing aids. I have worn similarly styled (RIC’s) hearing aids for several years and didn’t realize just how much I was missing with them until I started wearing these Widex Moment 440’s. I also like that I can adjust them with my iPhone and since they are the rechargeable ones, I never have to change the batteries. HearSource has been a pleasure to work with. I will be a Widex and HearSource customer forever.

    17. JoAnne W. From Los Angeles, CA.

      I just received my new Widex Moment hearing aid yesterday. These hearing aids are very good. I hear so naturally with them. This is my second set of aids and these are soo much better than my previous ones. I can’t recommend these hearing aids highly enough. Is there such a thing as “perfect”. This might be it.

    18. Michael A. From New York, NY.

      I have worn Widex hearing aids exclusively for almost 29 years. I have always considered them to be the “best of the best” for sound quality. These new rechargeable Widex Moment mRIC R D are no exception. They are the best the hearing aid industry has to offer. I have been waiting patiently for Widex to offer an acceptable rechargeable option and my patience has paid off. I am mostly happy with their product. The pairing with my iPhone took a couple of attempts. I had to put them into the charger and remove them to “reset” them for the iPhone’s Bluetooth to recognize them and have them connected. Once paired/connected to the iPhone I have had no issues. The phone calls are heard in stereo which helps in my being able to better understand the caller. Hearing in general and particularly in social situations has been dramatically improved. I have no issues with abnormal or bothersome background noise.

      The pricing on these units is excellent from HearSource and seems to be on par with other online retailers. I chose HeaSource due to their excellent reputation and their focus on remote hearing aid support services.

    19. Barry S. From Tulsa, OK.

      Awesome hearing aids.

    20. Grant W. From Wildwood, FL.

      My Widex MOMENT 440 mRIC R D Rechargeable Hearing Aids are my third set over about 11 years (I had ReSound and another brand). These are by far the best I have had, and I hear much better, although my hearing loss has gotten worse over the years. I am happy these hearing aids pair with my iPhone, and Widex has more options for TV watching (TV Play), noisy environment hearing is exceptional. No hearing aids give perfect hearing, but these have made me feel almost like a normal hearing person again.

      Again, the best I have ever had.

    21. James W. From Falls Church, VA.

      My review of Widex Moment 440 mRIC hearing aids:

      Hearsource did a fantastic job fitting these Widex Moment hearing aids. The remote fine-tuning session was amazing. These guys have taken modern technology to the next level. The Widex hearing aids have an amazing “Full Sound” about them. I hear conversations clearly and I have no issues with background noise.

    22. Andy M. From Decatur, AL.

      FANTASTIC – Switched from another brand and have just worn these new Widex Moment hearing aids a few days.
      WOW – I can’t believe how much better I hear and how much better they sound.
      RECHARGEABLE – I was on the fence on whether to get the rechargeables or the 312D models, I think I am going to like the rechargeables.
      iPHONE – Sync’d my hearing aids to my iPhone. Easy to do and works great. The telephone is now in stereo. Much easier to understand.
      BACKGROUND NOISE – There isn’t any “artificial” background noise. These hearing aids offer a very natural sound.
      COMFORTABLE – Can hardly tell I am wearing them.
      APP – The Widex Moment works great. Easy to understand. Easy and intuitive to use.
      HEARSOURCE – HearSource has been very accommodating and supportive. Their pricing was much less than other professional options.

    23. Trace G. From Spanish Fork, UT.

      Just received my new Widex MOMENT hearing aids this morning. Called HearSource and was immediately transferred to a programming technician for fine tuning. Oh my, these hearing are good. I can’t say enough about their sound quality. I’m not sure what perfect hearing sounds like, but I think this is it. Thank you Widex for these wonderful hearing aids and thank you HearSource for making them affordable and your support.

    24. Margaret F. from Saint Marys, KS

      Quite possibly the best hearing aids on earth. I turely cannot tell that I am wearing these. I’ve worn hearing for 17 years and have had several different brands. These hearing aids sound so natural. I’m so blessed that I found them. 5-star rating is not high enough. If I could give them a thousand star rating, I would.

    Add a review
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