Widex TV Play

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$374.00 each

Enjoy crisp, clear stereo TV sound sent wirelessly to your hearing aids with Widex TV PLAY. Never miss out on important TV moments again.


Widex TV Play


Whether it’s watching the latest news updates, or just relaxing with a movie, TV PLAY helps you hear the sound from the TV better.

Widex TV PLAY lets you fully enjoy what you want to see and hear through your Widex MOMENT, MOMENT SHEER, or EVOKE hearing aids. The patented dual antenna technology offers maximum streaming stability.

TV Play Watching TV using Widex TV Play

Don’t miss out on important TV moments.
78% of hearing aid wearers find understanding speech on TV difficult.
Americans over the age of 65, on average, watch almost seven hours of TV per day


Widex TV Play Hear it your way

Do you want to focus on what you are watching by excluding all other sounds than the TV sounds? Or do you want to have a conversation while watching TV? It is up to you. 

With Widex TV PLAY you can change programs and volume on your hearing aid, with a Widex RC-DEX controlor via an app on your smartphone. With the smartphone app, you can also balance TV volume with ambient sounds or conversation. It’s up to you what you want to hear.



Tired of yet another TV device in front of your TV?
Widex TV PLAY’s award-winning design is easy on the eyes. With its minimalist and elegant design, TV PLAY fits naturally into any home and every lifestyle.

You can choose to place it on display or discreetly behind the TV. The only thing sleeker than its shape is the set-up process: 1-2-3 and you’re all set.

Assistive Listening Devices for TV
Widex TV Play television Bluetooth streamer

“Hear Life’s Greatest Moments!”

Widex TV Play Streams TV Sound Directly to Widex Sheer, Moment or Evoke Hearing Aids.

With the Widex SHEER, MOMENT, or EVOKE app, you can adjust the volume of the TV and the volume of the hearing aids independently.

You can choose the right balance between the TV sound and the surrounding sounds and conversations. This way you can keep interacting with people around you, never missing an important moment.

Widex TV Play Easy Set-up

  1. Connect the TV Play to the TV.
  2. Pair the TV PLAY with the Widex Sheer, Moment, or Evoke hearing aids.
  3. Place the TV PLAY discreetly in front of or behind the TV.

The TV Play, a TV to Widex hearing aids streamer, utilizes a new method of wireless transmission to provide clear and full, echo-free, stereo sound from an audio source. The direct transmission of the audio signal from the TV-Play to the hearing aid has the potential to eliminate the negative influence of ambient noise in the environment resulting in a better Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) than what may be achieved by an individual without hearing aids or with their hearing aids alone.

The TV Play will improve speech intelligibility in challenging listening situations and most users prefer the sound quality of the audio signals using hearing aids with the TV Play over hearing aids alone or unaided.

Question and Answers about TV PLAY

  1. Can I control the room noise separately from the TV?

Yes, while connected to a smartphone or tablet using the MOMENT or EVOKE app navigate to the TV PLAY program. Then click on the Sound Menu – Overall Volume – sound preference slide bar.

2. Can I have more than TV PLAY connected to my Widex MOMENT SHEER, MOMENT or EVOKE hearing aids?

No, only one TV PLAY can be connected to your Widex MOMENT or EVOKE hearing aids at a time.

3. How do I switch to a different TV PLAY with my hearing aids?

Standing just 3 – 5 feet away from the TV PLAY open and close each hearing aids battery door.  This will activate a pairing between the TV PLAY and the hearing aids.  Once paired open the MOMENT or EVOKE app on the smartphone and click the TV PLAY program.

4. After making volume control adjustments to the TV PLAY program will it be saved after use?

Yes, the MOMENT or EVOKE app will save your volume control setting for the next time using the TV PLAY.



Radio Specifications
  • Frequency (range) – 2.40 – 2.48 GHz
  • RF bandwidth – 2 MHz
  • Channels – 40 logical channels
  • Modulation – GFSK
  • Radiated output power – 10 mW
  • Range – Up to 15 meters line-of-sight
  • Duty cycle – Max 20%
Audio Specifications
  • Frequency (range) – 100Hz – 7kHz
  • Input – One Toslink optical input, and one 3.5mm TRS jack analog stereo/optical output
  • Streaming – Stereo or Mono mode
  • Latency – 24ms (Relative to the acoustic TV sound propagating through the air at 3.7 m TV viewing distance)

For more information on the Widex TV-Play, please call 1-800-416-2434, 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time (6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time) USA.

The use of the Widex logo or name and other relevant educational materials on this website is purely for informational purposes about the products we offer for sale.

Additional information

Weight 1.225 lbs
Dimensions 6.2 × 6.2 × 3.2 in


9 reviews for Widex TV Play

  1. Patricia R. From Racine, WI.

    I recently purchased the Widex TV Play Bluetooth Streamer and I’m delighted with how easy it was to install. The sound quality is excellent and I’m now able to stream music from my television directly to my hearing aids.

    As a senior citizen, I appreciate the convenience that this product offers. It has allowed me to stay connected and enjoy my favorite shows and music. I highly recommend the Widex TV Play Bluetooth Streamer to anyone looking for an easy and convenient way to enhance their television experience.

  2. Michael J. From Ann Arbor, MI.

    The Widex TV Play streamer is great for connecting your hearing aids to a computer or TV so that you can hear your show or zoom call. The quality of sound is amazing and you can even change the stream of the audio versus the surround sound. Highly recommended!

  3. Gerald F. From Escondido, CA.

    Yeah, finally works with my new Moment hearing aids. Works well.

  4. Derek W. From Brookline, MA.

    I wear Widex Evoke 440 hearing aids and they work well. But I had been struggling still to hear my television sell, particularly when there was a lot of background music, etc. on the TV. This TV-Play solved the issues for me. Worth the cost to me.

  5. Johnathon H. From Rock Springs, WY.

    My wife has been asking me to turn the volume down on the TV for some time now. I’ve needed to have the volume up a bit so that I can hear the dialog then a commercial starts and blasts us out of the house!! I got a pair of hearing aids from HearSource and I saw this unit and thought it was pretty cool so I bought it hoping for the best. The price from this seller is way below others and just about the same if buying from the auction site. So I hooked this thing up to my TV, a no brainer, paired my hearing aids to it, no issues, and tested it on various programs. At first, I could hear the sound echo thru my hearing aids and also picking up the sound directly from the TV speakers. After turning down the volume on the TV, the echo disappeared. I’m making these adjustments using my iPhone. I can hear dialog clearly now and my wife can set the volume of the TV to her liking as the two are independent of each other. I went into the kitchen out of sight of the TV and could still pick up the sound. Well worth the money, highly recommended.

  6. Daniel K. From Norfolk, NY.

    The sound is so much better from the TV to my Widex Evoke hearing aids. I can listen to the TV at whatever volume I desire and the wife can adjust the TV volume to her liking. Makes us both happy. Great product.

  7. Chris. M. From Bethesda, VA.

    An excellent high-quality product. I control the TV sound using my smartphone. The sound is beamed via Bluetooth directly to my Widex hearing aids. My wife and I are able to watch TV together for the first time in a very long time.

  8. Kris W.

    Widex TV Play Review. Easy enough to set up and smaller than I had expected.

    First impressions, it’s nice to have stereo sound in both my hearing aids again from more than just the phone. The transmitter seems strong enough to cover this old victorian terrace without dropping out. A bit of a hefty price tag at $379, but then again I don’t need to wear anything as I opted for Widex Evoke RIC’s this time around.

    It looks like the EQ and balance levels are saved across reboots of phone, transmitter, or aids.

    Not entirely sure how long I spent using the TV PLAY streaming today, but easily 8 hours, if not more. We will have to see how the week goes.

    I can’t seem to change to listening to TV PLAY without using the app; not a huge problem but a little annoying.

    All in all, it does what it is intended to do.

  9. Jame K.

    The TV Play connects great to my Widex Evoke hearing aids. After the initial connection, I get a TV program through the Widex Evoke App that lets me select and stream the audio from my television. Through the app, I get to control the volume played through my hearing aids and my wife can control the volume of the TV that’s comfortable for her. Very nice product!

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