Widex TV Play


Enjoy crisp, clear TV sound sent directly to your hearing aids with Widex TV PLAY. Never miss out on important TV moments again!


Widex TV Play

Stream TV directly to Widex Evoke Hearing Aids.

The award-winning TV PLAY is a wireless audio streaming solution that allows users to hear the TV audio directly through their hearing aids. The TV PLAY  is compatible with the Widex Evoke hearing aids and is controlled by the Evoke smartphone app.

“Hear Life’s Greatest Moments!”

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TV Play Easy Set-up

  1. Connect the TV Play to the TV.
  2. Pair the TV PLAY to the Widex Evoke hearing aids.
  3. Place the TV PLAY discreetly in front of or behind the TV.

Control the Streaming Sound with your smartphone

The streaming audio to the hearing aids can independently be adjusted using the Widex EVOKE app.

The streaming audio from the TV PLAY can be balanced perfectly by controlling the streaming audio volume and the ambient room sound.  This allows users to be able to stream the audio and still have important conversations.

Question and Answers about TV PLAY

Can I control the room noise seperate form the TV?

Yes, while connected to a smartphone or tablet using the EVOKE app navigate to the TV PLAY program. Then click on the Sound Menu - Overall Volume - sound preference slide bar. 

Can I have more than TV PLAY connected to my Widex EVOKE hearing aids?

No, only one TV PLAY can be connected to your Widex EVOKE hearing aids at a time.

How do I switch to a different TV PLAY with my hearing aids?

Standing just 3 - 5 feet away from the TV PLAY open and close each hearing aids battery door.  This will activate a pairing between the TV PLAY and the hearing aids.  Once paired open the EVOKE app on the smartphone and click the TV PLAY program.

After making volume control adjustments to the TV PLAY program will it be saved after use?

Yes, the EVOKE app will save your volume control setting for the next time using the TV PLAY.

Additional information

Weight 1.225 lbs
Dimensions 6.2 × 6.2 × 3.2 in


1 review for Widex TV Play

  1. Jame K.

    The TV Play connects great to my Widex Evoke hearing aids. After the initial connection, I get a TV program through the Widex Evoke App that lets me select and stream the audio from my television. Through the app, I get to control the volume played through my hearing aids and my wife can control the volume of the TV that’s comfortable for her. Very nice product!

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