Widex Unique 220 Fusion


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  • Wireless Hearing Aid Platform

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    Widex Wireless Accessories (Optional)

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    Control the volume of the Widex hearing aids with this small remote control. (1 year warranty)

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    Widex COM-DEX Wireless Hearing Aid Accessory
    Connect your smartphone to the Widex hearing aids with the Com-Dex.  Hands free calling and streaming. (1 year warranty)

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    Connect and stream the audio from your TV directly through the Widex hearing aids. (1 year warranty)

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Product Description

Widex UNIQUE 220

The Widex UNIQUE 220 offers great hearing and understanding in average listing situations, including background noise.


Unique digital platform

– 6 independent channels

– 108 dB linear input dynamic range (Industrial Leading)

– 4 independent analog-to-digital converters

– 6 channel adaptive directionality

– Microphone array adjustment


Great sound quality

– InterEar Sound Class System

– 3 automatically optimized sound environments

– InterEar variable speed compression


Great listening comfort in noise

– Standard Wind Noise Reduction

– Soft Level Noise Reduction

– TruSound Softener

– Noise Reduction


Great user-friendly operation

– Preference Control (Audibility vs Comfort)

– Up to 3 programs for specific listening environments

– Smartphone app via COM-DEX

– Battery life – less than 1.0 mA current drain


Great Wireless connectivity

– Widex Link Wireless platform

– InterEar communication

– Full family of Dex wireless accessories


Great tinnitus management

– InterEar ZEN

– Fractal tone therapy

– Broadband and frequency shaped noise

– Up to 5 user programs

– Volume and timer option


Great frequency range expansion

– Unique audibility extender

– High frequency lowering

– Maximum hearing of soft speech /whispers


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