ZPower 312 Rechargeable Hearing Aid Battery

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ZPower 312 Rechargeable Hearing Aid Battery. Unique long-lasting rechargeable battery made for ZPower-enabled devices. Audibel, Beltone, Oticon, ReSound, Starkey, Unitron, Widex hearing aids & More…


Advanced silver-zinc rechargeable hearing aid battery for use with ZPower Rechargeable Hearing Aid Systems.

A Small Battery With Big Benefits.

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After 50 Years and Millions of Miles, Rechargeable Silver-Zinc Hearing Aid Batteries Have Arrived.

During the 1960s, NASA developed silver-zinc batteries for mission-critical applications in spacecraft, including the Apollo command module. Although the batteries offered high energy density, they had narrow applications due to their raw materials expense and low cycle life.

More than 100 patents later, ZPower has led the way in making this superior chemistry smaller and fully rechargeable — and in the process opening a world of exciting new applications.

The ZPower Rechargeable System for Hearing Aids. Making the Change to Rechargeable is Easy.

This award-winning Rechargeable System for Hearing Aids makes many of today’s most popular hearing aids rechargeable. The Rechargeable System consists of rechargeable silver-zinc batteries, custom hearing aid battery doors that are compatible with both ZPower batteries and zinc air batteries, and a charging station.

Users love the convenience of having hearing aids they can confidently wear all day and recharge overnight. They also love the flexibility to still use disposable batteries, if necessary.

One of the most inconvenient aspects of the hearing aid user’s experience is the frequent, endless changing of batteries. ZPower helped change that with the introduction of its rechargeable microbatteries.

In addition to supporting the design of smaller, safer devices, their silver-zinc microbatteries remove the hassle of regularly changing small batteries.

Today, they provide the convenience of rechargeability to one million hearing aid users – and that number is growing every day.

ZPower 312 Rechargeable Hearing Aid Battery Compatible Applications & Devices

– Audibel A4 Platinum Wireless (Z501-312)

– Zerena (ZCode: Z602-312)

– Trust (ZCode: Z101-312)
– Legend (ZCode: Z101-312)
– First (ZCode: Z101-312)

– NOWPremier Wireless (Z501-312)

– Opn miniRITE (ZCode: Z601-312)

– ReSound LiNX 3D (ZCode: Z101-312

– Signia Pure (Z202-312)
– Rexton Emerald (Z202-312)

– Enchant (Z602-312)


– Muse micro RIC 312 (ZCode: Z501-312)

– Moxi Fit R (ZCode: Z305-312)
– Stride M R (ZCode: Z306-312)

– BEYOND Z (ZCode: Z701-312)
– WIDEX EVOKE Z (ZCode: Z701-312)

  • ZPOWER 312 SILVER-ZINC RECHARGEABLE MICRO-BATTERIES – See Description for a list of the compatible devices.
  • LONG LASTING – A proprietary silver-zinc microbattery technology that can be recharged hundreds of times without losing significant energy. Batteries should be replaced annually
  • ECO-FRIENDLY AND SAFE – These batteries are one of the most environmentally responsible batteries available. They are water-based, non-flammable, and fully recyclable
  • PURCHASE INCLUDES – 1 ZPower Rechargeable Battery (1/Pack)
ZPower Battery in a hearing aid.
ZPower Rechargeable Hearing Aid Battery (Silver-Zinc).
  • AMERICAN-MADE POWER AND QUALITY – Every battery is made by American workers at their manufacturing plant located in Camarillo, California.
ZPower Hearing Aid Batteries
A Superior Chemistry

From the outset, silver-zinc’s combination of stability and high energy density presented tremendous potential for applications that place a high priority on size, safety and performance.

While Li-ion is primarily landfilled or downcycled, silver-zinc is recyclable. It is also mercury-free.

Eco Friendly
Widex hearing aids

Using a patented charging method, they have significantly extended the typical cycle life of silver-zinc, retaining over 85% capacity after 500 cycles.

ZPower Hearing Aid Battery – Exploded View

ZPower Hearing Aid Battery Exploded View

This manufacturer supplies many major hearing aid OEMs, helping them to bring the convenience of rechargeable hearing aids to more clients.

ZPower Hearing Aid Battery Manufacturer Partners

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Silver-Zinc Hearing Aid Batteries Begins Where Li-Ion Leaves Off

Li-ion batteries have enabled countless innovations since the 1990s, and they continue to be a vitally important component for hundreds of products. But they have serious limitations — primarily size, energy density and safety — that impede manufacturers from making smaller, safer products.Silver-zinc provides clear superiority for devices that require close physical contact with the user, and applications in which miniaturization is a prime consideration.

More Energy in Less Space

Silver-zinc can deliver the same amount of energy as other batteries in a more compact space. This size advantage is further enhanced by its water-based chemistry, which alleviates the need for protective casings and packaging that increase bulk.

As microbattery volume decreases, Lithium-ion’s energy densities fall off rapidly.

As micro-battery volume decreases, Lithium-ion’s energy densities fall off rapidly.

As microbattery volume decreases, ZPower cells can maintain high energy density.

As micro-battery volume decreases, silver-zinc cells can maintain high energy density.

Today ZPower only utilizes ~58% of the cell’s active materials.

This micro-battery only utilizes 58% of the cell’s active materials.

A Little Background

Design engineers are continuing to innovate in the consumer electronics and medical device markets; developing smaller, yet more powerful devices. A primary challenge the designers face is how to miniaturize a device around the large batteries previously required for such applications.

ZPower has developed the answer.

The ZPower rechargeable cell is the smallest, high energy density microbattery available; enabling a new generation of products by providing over 58 mWh in packages smaller than the collar button of your dress shirt.

With hundreds of cycles, and no shipping or transportation restrictions, ZPower microbatteries are the safest way to power the next generation of bearable and wearable products.

ZPower has developed proprietary, silver-zinc microbatteries that offer higher energy density values than any other battery within the same volume range (< 250 mm3).

Today, ZPower microbatteries have an energy density of approximately 340 watthours per liter (Wh/L) at a size of 156 mm3.Their cell’s energy density remains high, between 320 and 370 Wh/L, even as the battery’s volume changes.

HIGHER ENERGY DENSITY Li-ion batteries maintain competitive energy densities at volumes above 625 mm3, which is four times greater than the size of the XR41 silver-zinc battery with the equivalent energy density.

But as the Li-ion cell shrinks to microbattery size, inherent constraints in the ‘jellyroll’ implementation of the electrodes (smaller electrode widths, fixed separator thicknesses, shrinking jelly-roll diameters, and the volume lost in the center of cell due to the winding mandrel) all limit the amount of active material that can be placed in the cell; lowering the cell’s capacity.

Coupled with the significantly lower current density of the Li-ion electrodes (electrical current per unit area of electrode interface space), the Li-ion cell’s performance scales down dramatically with size.

These batteries have been successfully tested over a full year of use at the cell’s rated capacity.

Unlike Li-ion batteries, which lose a little capacity each cycle, the discharge capacity of the silver-zinc microbattery stays consistent throughout the first 500 cycles of the device’s cycle life. This provides the end-user with a consistent runtime.

A patented charging method is a critical part of how they extended the historically short cycle life of the silver-zinc battery.

Compatible Hearing Aids

  • Starkey 
    – Muse micro RIC 312 (ZCode: Z501-312)
  • Unitron 
    – Moxi Fit R (ZCode: Z305-312)
    – Stride M R (ZCode: Z306-312)
  • Oticon 
    – Opn miniRITE (ZCode: Z601-312)
  • ReSound 
    ReSound LiNX 3D (ZCode: Z101-312)
  • Widex 
    – BEYOND Z (ZCode: Z701-312)
    – EVOKE Z (ZCode: Z701-312)
  • Bernafon 
    – Zerena (ZCode: Z602-312)
  • Sonic 
    – Enchant (Z602-312)
  • Beltone 
    – Trust (ZCode: Z101-312)
    – Legend (ZCode: Z101-312)
    – First (ZCode: Z101-312)
  • NuEar 
    – NOW Premier Wireless (Z501-312)
  • Audibel 
    – Audibel A4 Platinum Wireless (Z501-312)
  • Signia 
    – Signia Pure (Z202-312)
    – Rexton Emerald (Z202-312)

These batteries will work with most hearing aids that utilize standard zinc-air 312 hearing aid batteries, However, the charging unit is specifically for hearing aids that have been upgraded to accept silver-zinc rechargeable batteries.

Approximately 50% of major brands can be retrofitted to accept these type of batteries.

Check with your hearing aid provider for information on your specific brand and how to get the charger.

These batteries will not work with a PowerOne hearing aid battery pocket charger.

For more information on ZPower Rechargeable hearing aid batteries, please call 1-800-416-2434, 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time (6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time) USA.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 2 × 3 in

zPower, Widex

7 reviews for ZPower 312 Rechargeable Hearing Aid Battery

  1. Knox M. From Fort Worth, TX.

    Original ZPower batteries. A bit hard to find. HearSource shipped them out the same day as I placed the order. I asked for expedited shipping and they were on the 2nd business day after placing my order.

  2. Paul D. From Chesapeake, VA.

    Thank you Hearsource for stocking these.

  3. Campbell M. From Palo Alto, CA.

    My local hearing aid office told me that these batteries were no longer available and that I needed to switch to regular disposable zinc-air hearing aid batteries. Thank the lord for the internet. Found these from HearSource. No issues with the purchase.

  4. Joe Z. From Eden Prairie, MN.

    These are getting hard to find. HearSource had them and when I talked to them about it, they knew exactly what I needed. The order was received in a timely manner and without issue.

  5. Henry A. From McCandless, PA.

    My local dealer said these batteries were no longer available. Went online and found HearSource. Bang. Had them in two days. Thank you HearSource.

  6. Martha S. From Poway, CA.

    It was nice to find the exact batteries that came with my rechargeable hearing aids.

  7. Kurt W. from Murphysboro, IL

    I love this rechargeable battery system on Widex hearing aids. I have used them for about a year and a half. I have coupled these batteries with the Widex Perfect Dry Battery charger. They work great together. I have had to replace them once in about a year. Hence the 4-star rating. HearSource has been easy to work with and they did exchange them (actually just sent me a new set) under warranty and at no cost to me.

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