San Antonio Discount Hearing Aids & Repairs

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San Antonio Discount Pricing On Name Brand Hearing Aids

Acquiring a quality pair of hearing aids in the San Antonio area may set you back a staggering $7000, even before factoring in additional charges for fittings and subsequent adjustments.

However, at HearSource, you can conveniently have the fittings and adjustments done through your smartphone, right in the comfort of your own home. In fact, you can even take care of these procedures while you’re enjoying a vacation or on a business trip, as long as you have a smartphone signal.

San Antonio Discount Hearing aids

The best part is, you won’t incur any additional costs for these fittings and follow-up adjustments when you choose HearSource. Moreover, our renowned brand-name hearing aids are priced thousands of dollars lower than what you’ll find at your local store.

What’s the catch? There simply isn’t one. For the life of your hearing aids, we will provide service and adjustments, free of charge.

Have an older pair of hearing aids that are out of warranty, and failing, but not ready to buy new ones? Save hundreds of dollars with our in-house hearing aid repair lab. We don’t send them out to someone else for repair.

We ARE the “someone else” to which most local shops send their repairs!

Buying New Hearing Aids in San Antonio?

Save Thousands of Dollars on Name Brand Hearing Aids

State of the art technology like modern hearing aids deserves a modern delivery system. You don’t have to go to a storefront, wait several days for them to order hearing aids, return to the shop for fittings, and go back to the shop every time you need your hearing aids adjusted or updated. Now, you can do all of this from the comfort of your own home.

We ship your hearing aids and programming tools directly to you within days of your order. We schedule a video conference with our audiology experts to fit and configure your hearing aids, and any time you need further adjustment, you just contact us for a free appointment. You can do this anywhere you have an Internet connection, not just at home. At work, at a friend’s house, on vacation, literally anywhere in the world.

All of this, while still saving up to $3100 on the purchase of a new set of hearing aids!

Tele-Audiology: The Future of Hearing Aids

Tele-audiology or TeleHearing Healthcare is only the first of many healthcare systems to successfully transition to a remote care style, bringing the hearing specialist right to your home. 

Buy New Hearing Aids

We supply affordable, high quality digital & invisible hearing aids without the need for medical referral.

Hearing Aid Repairs in San Antonio

All Repairs Come with 6 or 12 Month Warranty

If you have hearing aids already, you know how expensive they are. And you probably have priced repairs in your local area already, or you wouldn’t be looking for alternatives right now. hearing aid repairWell, know this, San Antonio: When it comes to hearing aid repairs  HearSource is here for you.

Our repair work is guaranteed for 6 months minimum (you can buy an extended 12-month warranty). Our prices start at $199 per hearing aid. Our prices do NOT go up if you need extra parts.

If you need the fastest possible turnaround, we offer a premium rush service for a small extra fee. If we get something wrong, just return them to us and we’ll repair them and ship them back as quickly as possible. And in the rare occurrence that we cannot repair your hearing aids, they’ll be returned to you, along with any fees you’ve already paid. Pay nothing to at least see if your hearing aids can be fixed. At a fraction of the cost of new hearing aids, this should be a no-brainer solution. 

Repair My Hearing Aids

HearSource can repair almost any hearing aid, regardless of its make, style, type or age.

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