Remote Hearing Aid Programming Support

HearSource’s remote hearing aid  programming support services enables a HearSource programming “Coach” to assist, train, and, troubleshoot any issues that you may encounter.  The remote hearing aid programming  software, will allow our HearSource professionals to assist by manipulating the mouse and keyboard controls of your internet connected computer, making the hearing aid adjustments for you.  Its quicker than going to your local provider!

Remote hearing aid programming support picture

To gain access to Remote Hearing Aid Programming Support Services please follow these important steps:

  1.  The system requirements for Remote Hearing Aid Programming are that you have a high speed internet connection.
     (Dial up internet service is not supported.)
  2. When needing remote support services call us toll free at  1-800-416-2434. We will schedule an appointment time for you, and your HearSource hearing aid programming coach to  work together.
  3.  At the approximate scheduled time, your HearSource hearing aid programming coach will call you.
    To start your Remote Hearing Aid Programming Support Session, click on the “Download Hearing Aid Support” button  found the bottom of this section . Don’t click this button until told to do so by your Programming Coach. A small launch  program will be downloaded to your hard drive.
  4.  When the software runs you will see a session ID number and password number.   This information will need to be given to  your HearSoure  hearing aid  programming coach.  Once the information has been given the the HearSource programming  coach the remote access will take place for the programming.

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