Hearing Aid Programming Services

We'll program or reprogram most hearing aids for only $99 per hearing aid (plus shipping).

HearSource is a longtime multi-line hearing aid dealer and have been in business for many years. We can program most brands of hearing aids, even older hearing aids (We have saved all the old software and hardware necessary for programming past generation hearing aids). Not only do we routinely program hearing aids so people love them, but we also re-program hearing aids for clients who’ve purchased hearing aids elsewhere (ebay, etc.), and for one reason or another need them reprogrammed. Having your hearing aids properly programmed is vital for the success of your hearing. 

Even hearing aids NOT purchased through HearSource, we offer mail-in hearing aid programming services for MOST* hearing aid brands for just $99 per hearing aid (plus shipping).  Hearing aids MUST be shipped to us for this service.

If available, include a recent copy of a hearing test. Please describe to us how you want your hearing aid sound output settings to be changed. For example, The hearing aids sound currently is too sharp, I need them louder overall, I need softer, loud sounds are too loud, too much background noise, etc. We can best help you if you give us as much info as you can about what you’re hearing and how it can be improved for you.

Hearing Aid Programming

$99 per Hearing Aid

Call for more information call 1-800-416-2434.

Ship your hearing aids to:

HearSource, 108 E Pat Rady Way, P.O. Box 364, Bainbridge, IN  46105

When shipping your hearing aid to us, we strongly suggest that you place your hearing aid(s) in a crush-proof container such as a pill bottle, then place the crush-proof container in a sturdy shipping box. If you send your hearing aids in an envelope, they could be badly damaged!

We also suggest that you ship it to us signature required and/or insured. HearSource cannot be liable for hearing aids damaged in shipping to us.

Please include a note telling us about the issue with your hearing aid, your return shipping address, and your daytime phone number. (We might call you for a live meeting to improve the programming of your hearing aid.)

We CAN NOT program the following hearing aid brands:
Beltone, MiracleEar, AGX, or Zounds.

* We can program the following hearing aid brands:

Sonic Innovations
And others

About Hearing Aid Programming

Your hearing and your hearing loss are specific to you. Each hearing aid needs to be programmed uniquely for your hearing loss, lifestyle, environment, and personal preferences.

To get the most benefit from your hearing aids, your hearing aids must be adjusted to fit your specific hearing loss, lifestyle, likes, and dislikes. The HearSource Hearing Aid Programming Technicians will use manufacturer-supplied fitting software to accomplish the adjusting of the sound output of your hearing aids.

Modern digital hearing aids rarely have a single hearing program. Many times there are specific hearing programs for quiet, noisy, car, music, urban, or even party environments. Hearing aid sound settings can vary in their processing and sound output to improve your hearing for these different listening environments.

When programming your hearing aids, we use manufacturer-specific software and hardware to ensure that every program is adjusted to fit your individual needs. Professional hearing aid programming also ensures maximum comfort while wearing your hearing aids.


No two hearing aids are programmed the same. 

Your hearing aids should be uniquely programmed for your hearing loss, lifestyle, and personal preferences. With the help of our HearSource hearing aid programming technicians, your hearing aids will be programmed to meet your needs allowing for an enjoyable and comfortable hearing experience. 

To ensure your hearing aids are set correctly, our hearing aid professionals will calibrate your hearing aids to reduce undesirable noise and enhance the sounds you want. 

Unwanted noise includes:

  • Traffic
  • Crowds
  • Background noise

Our hearing aid professionals will also be able to adjust your hearing aids’ functions like:

  • Volume
  • Sound intensity levels
  • Maximum power output
  • Sound compression ratios

Allowing our professionals to calibrate these features will provide you with an excellent better hearing experience. 

HearSource Hearing Aid Programming Professionals have been adjusting most major brands of hearing aids for many years. We are extremely competent in the ability to take the criticisms of your hearing aids sound settings and manipulate them to help you hear better. 

Remote Programming Services For Hearing Aids Purchased Directly Through HearSource

Hearing Aid Programming

Widex Remote Care
With HearSource’s TeleHealth Hearing Care Services utilizing Widex Remote Care, you can conveniently get hearing support for your Widex hearing aids purchased through HearSource from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere with an internet or smartphone connection.

We have full access to hearing aid fitting, programming, sound adjustment, & hearing aid issue diagnosis. All you need is an internet connection connected P.C. or Smartphone, your HearSource Widex Remote Care Technician will take care of the rest.

Hearing Aid Programming

ReSound Remote Assist

HearSource’s ReSound Remote Assist System allows HearSource Hearing Care Professionals access to all of the necessary fitting tools to remotely fit, program, adjust, fine-tune, and diagnose, ALL of the ReSound hearing aids sold by us.

The HearSource ReSound Remote Assist Support System is designed to offer all the necessary flexibility to accommodate the professional needs of our HearSource Programming Technicians and the hearing aid user (We have all the tools needed to do a great job remotely programming your ReSound hearing aids).

Hearing Aid Programming

Signia TeleCare

Signia TeleCare and HearSource offer you comprehensive remote hearing aid support for Signia hearing aidspurchased from HearSource, via Signia TeleCare. 

Using Signia TeleCare you can schedule hearing care appointments and we can adjust your hearing aid settings remotely without you ever needing to leave the comfort and security of your own home.

With Signia TeleCare, we can remotely solve issues quickly and effortlessly. TeleCare allows us to communicate with you via voice, chat, or video chat.

Hearing Aid Programming

Bach Remote Support

Bach Remote Support Hearing Aid Programming Systems allows Bach Hearing Aid Programming Technicians to adjust or program your Bach-branded hearing aids no matter where you are in the world. 

Each person has a unique hearing loss, lifestyle, activity level, and environment that are specific to that one single person. 

Having the hearing aid sound output settings adjusted exactly to the wearer’s desire is paramount.



For more information on hearing aid programming services, please call 1-800-416-2434, Monday thru Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time (6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time) USA.