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Signia is a premium hearing aid brand. Signia was previously known as Siemens Hearing Aids. At HearSource, we offer substantial discount prices (Starting at $1,149) on Signia Styletto, Pure Charge& Go, and Silk Nx hearing aids. Signia produces awesome natural sounding hearing aids and HearSource is committed dispensing them at affordable prices with the highest level of customer care and support possible. Built utilizing the Nx platform, these world leading hearing aids actually outperform normal hearing in challenging listening situations.

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Signia has roots dating back to 1878, when Werner von Siemens developed an improved telephone receiver after noticing people with hearing loss had trouble understanding transmissions. From this foundation, Signia has built a legacy in the spirit of entrepreneurship, courage, empathy, and the desire to help others.

Their adventurous and innovative employees have helped millions of people live better lives. Signia’s dedication to helping improve the lives of those with hearing loss has been a tradition for over 130 years.

Signia produces hearing aids that are capable of providing 25% better speech understanding in noise than individuals with normal hearing. It all works through subtle and sophisticated amplification adaptable to a wide range of listening environments including restaurants, parties, and sporting events. You can trust the Signia name to address your hearing loss.


About Signia Nx Platform

The Signia Nx platform has proven to reduce listening effort. Independent studies have identified three primary features that improves listening effort: OVP (Own Voice Processing), SpeechMaster, EchoShield, and HD Music. offers Signia Nx in a number of styles: Pure Charge&Go (rechargeable receiver-in-canal style), Styletto (slim receiver-in-canal style, also rechargeable), and Silk (nearly invisible in-the-canal style). Signia hearing aids are designed to deliver for a wide range of lifestyles, hearing losses, and budgets. Signia Nx platform hearing aids are available from HearSource in three technology levels: 3Nx, 5Nx, and 7Nx.

Signia Styletto is an innovative hearing aid with a slim modern design. Styletto is rechargeable and comes with a portable charging case for on-the-go convenience.

Signia Pure Charge & Go is a traditionally styled rechargeable hearing aid, using lithium-ion battery technology. Pure Charge&Go provides 24 hours of hearing per overnight charge.

Signia Silk Nx is a ready-to-wear solution that utilizes Click Sleeves: silicon sleeves available in three different sizes that “click” onto the completely-in-canal hearing aids. Silk is a comfortable and efficient solution that provides wearers instant access to clearer hearing.

Why Signia?

Modern environments are more complex than ever. Busy lifestyles combined with mobile and digital devices now allows for hearing aids that can literally “go with the flow”. That’s where Signia hearing aids and accessories deliver exceptional better hearing solutions. Signia Hearing Aids include Bluetooth technology allowing for direct connection and control from smartphones or other devices.

Signia hearing aids come in extremely small and discreet styles, they can be worn and no one will notice them. Rechargeable hearing aid models are also available. Some Signia hearing aids include tinnitus reducing technologies, this is where technology really can really help those that need it really enjoy life more.

The personal Hearing Consultants at are ready to help improve the quality of your life.
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Rechargeable Hearing Aids: Eliminates the need for changing small batteries weekly. Rechargeable hearing aids are placed in a charger each night and are ready to go in the morning. Signia charging units also act as a hearing aid dryer to eliminate moisture and humidity to prolong the life of hearing aids. 

TwinPhone Technology: One of Signia’s exclusive features. When a phone is held up to either ear, the caller’s voice will stream into both ears (hearings aids) simultaneously, giving you twice the input, understanding and clarity. For example, if you hold the phone to your right ear, you would hear the phone call in your left ear also. Link more information on Signia TwinPhone technology.

HD Music: Any musician or music lover can tell you that experiencing live music is vastly different than listening to recorded music. Signia hearing aids take this into account and have specific settings for varying musical environments. So whether you’re watching a live show, playing an instrument yourself, or listening to recorded music, you’ll have a great listening experience.

Your HearSource Personal Hearing Consultant can help you learn more about Signia hearing aids and accessories.
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The use of the Signia or Siemens logo or name and other relevant educational materials on this website are purely for informational purposes about their products we offer for sale.

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