Widex Hearing Aids and Accessories

A complete line of Widex Receiver-In-Canal hearing aids and DEX accessories. Our pricing is so competitive that the manufacturer has requested that we don’t post them publicly.

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The First Hearing Aid That Doesn’t Sound Like a Hearing Aid

Widex MOMENT Hearing Aids

Widex MOMENT mRIC R D Hearing Aids

Widex Moment mRIC rechargeable hearing aids. The most pure and natural sound ever heard in a hearing aid. 


Widex MOMENT RIC 312D Hearing Aids

Widex MOMENT RIC 312D Hearing Aid. These models use a standard Zinc-Air 312 hearing aid battery instead of rechargeable technology.

Widex EVOKE Hearing Aids

The World’s First Smart Hearing Aid

Widex Evoke 312D Hearing Aids

Widex Evoke 312D Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) hearing aid.  Updated case design for the Evoke series.


Widex Hearing Aid Accessories

What are the Widex DEX accessories?
DEX accessories extend and enhance the features of Widex hearing aids. These accessories include PHONE-DEX 2 (cordless phone), TV Play (streaming TV audio), RC-Dex (simple remote control) and COM-DEX (mobile phones and Bluetooth devices), among others. The cost of Widex DEX accessories range from $69 to $389, and all come with a one-year repair warranty.