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Better Hearing Care Should Be Affordable & Accessible From Anywhere In The World.

HearSource has been a pioneer of the concept of the direct marketing of online hearing aids, care, sales, and services directly to the consumer. Most of our business is conducted online via the Internet or telephone.

Our company has changed the hearing aid industry in so many positive ways and will continue to do so in the future. 

Since our founding in 1997, as the first online hearing aid repair lab, making our affordably priced services available directly to the public, HearSource has existed with a single goal; to provide high-quality affordable online hearing aids and their necessary associated support services to our clientele at affordable pricing.

It is common to think of hearing loss as an individual challenge, but at the current scale, it is actually a global crisis that impacts all aspects of society. Hearing enhances the quality of life and economic opportunity. It helps relationships flourish and adds richness to every experience.

HearSource is a global Online Hearing Aids Retailer and Better Hearing Supplier.

Start with Innovation - HearSource

HearSource Self-Fitting Hearing Aids and Accessories.
eMiniTech Hearing Aid Programmer
HearSource Hearing Aid Remote Support Technician
Industry Leading Remote Support

In 2006, we developed the eMiniTec Hearing Aid Programmer. We began offering online hearing aids (personal programmable) with remote support, fittings, programming, and sound adjustments via the Internet, supported by audio and video chat.

We now offer major national hearing aid brands with the capability of providing remote fitting, programming, and adjustment services.

Our online hearing aids business model is designed to provide the same high-quality hearing aids and support services you should find at any local provider at a lower cost. On average, our customers save over $3,100 on new hearing aid purchases per order.

Since 1997, we have helped many thousands of people with their better hearing needs.

At HearSource, we are committed to providing our customers with the very best of everything. We offer top national name-brand hearing aids, at the lowest prices possible. As we continue to grow, we will add more products and services.

Our team of audiologists, hearing aid specialists, engineers, repair technicians, and support staff are 100% committed to providing you with the best hearing aid experience, second to none.

Expert Online Hearing Aids Guidance

There are many hearing aid brands and models to choose from. These many choices can become confusing and overwhelming for many. Most people have no idea where to start.

Many of our customers have first visited a local hearing aid provider and have left when advised of the cost. Then they go home and do some “online hearing aids” research. That is when they discover

Sometimes we agree with the local provider’s recommendation and sometimes we don’t. Most local offices offer only one brand of hearing aid, and of course, that is the one they are going to recommend. 

HearSource has multiple major brands to offer. We only supply trusted brands and models that can be supported remotely by us (sometimes referred to as “TeleHearing Healthcare” or “Tele-Audiology).

We have dedicated support technicians ready to help you find the right hearing aid for your specific hearing loss, lifestyle, and budget. We have included our phone number on every product page for a reason, we want to assist you in any way that we can. If you’re not 100% sure about the product you’re looking at, simply call or chat with our office and one of our experts will help guide you to your perfect hearing aid selection.

When you choose HearSource, you won’t have to compromise about hearing aid technology, your time, or your money. You want to hear the best you possibly can, at the best price available, and receive excellent service and support. HearSource accomplishes that by offering the best products paired with world-class service and support. We go above and beyond to satisfy our customers, from online hearing aid fittings to remote sound adjustments and follow-up support.

We strive to have our hearing solutions blend seamlessly with your lifestyle.

Every member of our team focuses on your specific needs, hearing loss, and lifestyle.

Our attention to detail makes the difference.

Attention to detail


HearSource’s advanced remote fitting, programming, and adjustments technology ensures extremely accurate “real world” results.

Our clients benefit from our unwavering service and support. We venture to build an honest and transparent relationship with our clients.

We care about the success of each and every one of our customers.

Striving To Be The Best Online Hearing Aids Provider In The World

Your Online Hearing Aids Purchase is Only the Beginning.

Finding the right hearing aid vendor can be a challenge. There are many online hearing aid providers that are unable to provide remote support services for their products including remote sound adjustments and/or repair services. At HearSource we care about our customers and attempt to provide the best in customer care before, during, and after your purchase. For us, it is a personal relationship. Our goal is to provide you with such a high level of products, customer service, and support, that you’ll never want to leave us and be our client forever.

Good to know info:  Our hearing aids are not “locked” and can be taken to any local hearing aid provider that represents that brand.

Our simple process:


We’ll help you select the right hearing aid for your specific hearing loss, lifestyle, and budget.


We will design and pre-program your hearing aids in our lab for your hearing loss and computer check their performance prior to shipping them to you.


You’ll receive your hearing aids “ready to wear”. When you receive your hearing aids, we would ask that you call or video chat with one of our fitting specialists. Our fitting specialists will help you get familiar with your new hearing aids, answer any questions that you have, and complete any fine-tuning or adjustments that might be necessary.


Our aftercare and support are second to none. Not only is your hearing care provider only a phone call away, but our support services and repair lab are all in-house. We have built this company up over 25 years to cover all the bases. You will be dealing with one company no matter where you live or how long you own your hearing aids.


We also have all the hearing aid accessories and supplies that you will need to keep your hearing aids operating trouble-free. We stock hearing aid domes/tips, wax filters, and batteries for most hearing aid brands.

HearSource Beliefs, Goals and Mission

At HearSource, we earnestly believe that everything we do needs to be better than our competition. We strive every day to provide the highest level of hearing care possible. From the moment you call us or walk in our doors, you are treated with the friendliest and most personalized service you have ever experienced. We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of customer care.

We focus on you. You are the reason we do what we do.

Our unparalleled level of customer service continues throughout your better-hearing journey.

We are determined to affordably help you improve your hearing.

We’re here for you every step of the way through your journey to better hearing.

To us, “industry standard” is a term used to describe the way it’s always been done. We exceed the industry standard by providing you with our renowned remote hearing care or Tele-Hearing Care. We have invested over 23 years of research and development in our approach to the sales, fitting, and adjusting of hearing aids using modern communication protocols and technologies. 

We deliver the absolute best, world-class service to anyone, anywhere in the world.

HearSource provides:

Experts who give you access to the world’s most advanced hearing aids

  • We ensure that your instruments are fully tailored to your specific hearing loss, lifestyle, and budget

  • Professional staff providing you with amazing products, service, and support

What makes us unique?

⚬  The Best Online Hearing Aids at the lowest prices possible

Attention to detail
⚬  Customer Service second to none

Regaining Your Hearing and Quality of Life

Uncared-for hearing loss can cause psychological issues such as depression, feelings of isolation, loneliness, and frustration. Untreated hearing loss can also impact physical health as well.  

When you purchase online hearing aids from HearSource, you will receive the best hearing technology, support, and services that the industry has to offer, at affordable prices.

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