About ReSound “Ultra Focus”

About ReSound “Ultra Focus”
ReSound Ultra Focus

ReSound's Ultra Focus There may be some specific situations where a hearing aid wearer may need to focus only on speech in a one-to-one conversation with someone they…

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Widex Moment, Not Just Another Hearing Aid

Widex Moment, Breaking The "Sound Barrier". Hearing aid technology has made quantum leaps technologically in areas such as hearing loss correction, speech intelligibility, and background noise reduction. In…

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Masks Can Make Communication Tricky

Face masks are now required in many public places to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. As wearing masks and other facial coverings become the "new normal" during…

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About Widex Audibility Extender. Losing the ability to hear high frequency sounds compromises speech understanding and the appreciation of music and nature’s sounds. For many hearing aid users,…

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Self-Fitting Hearing Aids

Self-Fitting Hearing Aids
HearSource Self-fitting Hearing Aids and Accessories.

Self-fitting hearing aids are a relatively new concept originally promoted by HearSource.com. Self-Fitting hearing aids are ideal for those who have difficulty accessing hearing health care professional services (e.g., clients…

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HearSource Receives
“Best of 2020” Award

Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE HearSource Receives 2020 Best of Bainbridge Award Bainbridge Award Program Honors the Achievement BAINBRIDGE - March 14, 2020 -- HearSource has been selected…

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“Best of 2020” Award

Widex Sound Class Technology

THE BEST SOUND EXPERIENCE IN ANY ENVIRONMENT Hearing aid users are subjected to constantly changing listening environments. Widex hearing aids can instantly assess the sound environment to suit each individual’s…

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Hearing Aids

Widex CROS & BiCROS Hearing Solutions SUPERB SOUND WITH NO ECHO Superb sound quality, and no echoes or distortion – this makes WIDEX CROS particularly good for hearing speech.…

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Hearing Aids

Widex PureSound Technology

Widex Sound - PureSound   Widex is well known within the hearing aid industry for their pure, clean, clear sound. Widex's goal is to produce better hearing technology that provides…

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