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HearSource Customers

HearSource Customers Can Program Their Own Hearing Aids!

HearSource Laboratory

The HearSource Laboratory Can Repair All Brands of Hearing Aids…even most older models!

Hearing Aid Supplies

HearSource Offers Affordable Hearing Aid Parts and Supplies Shipped Direct to You!

Hearing Aid Repair

HearSource Offers Fast, Thorough, and Affordable Hearing Aid Repairs for Almost Any Model

eMiniTec Programmer

HearSource’s eMiniTec Personal Hearing Aid Programmer…Program Your Own Hearing Aids!

The Best Choice For Affordable Hearing Aids

hearsource.com affordable hearing aids

HearSource hearing aids sell for less than 1/2 to 1/3 of the average retail price of hearing aids sold in the United States. HearSource’s affordable hearing aids are manufactured in the USA, using quality components equal to those used by major brands. In many cases, we’re using the same components, but we’re getting better prices for them. We save money, and we pass the savings along to you!

Program Your Own Hearing Aids

program your own hearing aids with hearsource

Program your own hearing aids or “Remote Programming Support”.  Our easy-to-use system allows your computer to communicate directly with any of HearSource’s affordable hearing aids. HearSource Personal Programmable Hearing Aid Systems finally give you the ability to adjust your own hearing aids whenever or wherever you like, and we can even provide remote support!

The Most Affordable Hearing Aid Repairs

affordable hearing aid repairs for you

HearSource has an all make hearing aid repair lab that will repair your hearing aid for $139. We stock and refurbish hearing aids and the components for most hearing aid brands and models. We have a stockpile of hundreds of components from dozens of manufacturers. Even older hearing aids can usually still be repaired! Most hearing aids can be fixed within 7 business days!

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