Save up to 70% on
Name Brand Hearing Aids

Save up to 70% on
Name Brand Hearing Aids

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HearSource offers name brand hearing aids at discounted prices. Shop our store to see the latest deals.
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Hearing Aid Repairs

Start You Hearing Aid Repair Service

HearSource repairs all hearing aid brands, types and styles. Fast turn around time with 6 or 12 month warranties.
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Hearing Aid Batteries, Accessories and More

Shop for Hearing Aid Batteries and Accessories

HearSource carries all the latest accessories and batteries for your hearing aids.
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Hearing Aid Progamming and Adjustments

Get your Hearing Aids Progammed

Looking for help getting your hearing aids programmed to your needs? HearSource can program many different types of hearing aids.
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How to Buy Hearing Aids

Step 1

Send Us Your Hearing Test

We can use your test results and recommend products. If you know what you need order the hearing aids from our site and submit your hearing test with your order.

Step 2

We Program Your New Hearing Aids

With your hearing test we will program your new hearing aids with a recommended prescription from the hearing aid manufacturer.

Step 3

Receive Your New Hearing Aids at Your Door

Your new hearing aids will be shipped directly to you. Your hearing aids will be ready out of the box ready to wear.

Step 4

Enjoy Hearing Again at a Fraction of the Cost!

With your new hearing aids you get to enjoy the world of better hearing.

Our Hearing Aid Support Services

Remote Hearing Aid Programming Service

All hearing aids purchased from HearSource can be adjusted and programmed remotely. This means no more costly and time consuming visits to local providers for setup and calibration. HearSource will provide the necessary equipment and software to allow us to remotely program your hearing aids. Some hearing aids require a PC and others just an iPhone or Android smartphone.

Hearing Aid Warranties

All Hearing aids purchased through HearSource are fully warrantied by the original manufacturer. Warranty periods may vary from one (1) to three (3) years depending on the manufacturer and model. Warranties are described on each individual product page. An original notice of product warranty will be be included with every hearing aid purchased from HearSource.

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