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HearSource offers name brand hearing aids at deeply discounted prices. Shop our online store to see our latest offerings.
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Hearing Aid Repair Service

HearSource repairs all types, styles, and brands of hearing aids. Fast turn around time with 6 or 12 month warranties.
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Discount hearing aid batteries and accessories for all hearing aids.
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Needing help getting your hearing aids adjusted for your needs?
HearSource programs many different types of hearing aids.
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Send Us Your Hearing Test

If you have a copy of your hearing test, great!
Please submit it to us.
If not, give us a call at
1-800-416-2434 so that we can gather the information necessary to make a recommendation.

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We Program Your New Hearing Aids

We will customize and pre-program your new hearing aids just for you.

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New Hearing Aids To Your Door

Your new hearing aids will be shipped directly to you, ready to wear right out of the box.

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Fine Tuning & Adjustments

As with ALL new hearing aid fittings, follow-up fine tuning and adjustments are necessary & important.
Schedule your personal remote fine tuning and adjustments session.

Our Online Hearing Aids Support Services

Online Programmable Hearing Aids

Remote Hearing Aid Programming Service

All online hearing aids purchased from HearSource are capable of being remotely fit, adjusted or programmed anywhere in the world. Since 2006, we have remotely fit, programmed, and adjusted thousands of hearing aids worldwide via the internet supported by audio and video chat.

Remote hearing aid support will require an iPhone, or Android smartphone.

100% Manufacturer Warrantied

Hearing Aid Warranties

All Online Hearing Aids purchased through HearSource are fully warrantied by the original manufacturer. Warranty periods may vary from one (1) to three (3) years depending on the manufacturer and model. Warranties are described on each individual product page. An original notice of product warranty will be be included with every hearing aid purchased from HearSource.

Hearing Aid Manufacturer Warranty

It is common to think of hearing loss as an individual challenge, but at the current scale it is actually a global hearing loss crisis that impacts all aspects of society. Hearing enhances quality of life and economic opportunity for individuals and society as a whole. It helps relationships flourish and adds richness to every experience. HearSource is a global Online Affordable Hearing Aids Retailer and Support Services Provider.

On Average, Our Customers Save Over $3,100 Per Order

As compared to local hearing aid providers, HearSource online hearing aids customers save an average of $3,100 per order. HearSource offers affordable national name brand hearing aids with remote programming and video chat support. We’ve helped many thousands of people worldwide find better hearing for the right price. By purchasing your hearing aids from HearSource you give up nothing except the high prices.

We are a full-service online hearing aids provider with over 25 years of online hearing aid dispensing experience. We offer hearing aid programming, remote programming, maintenance, warranty processing, accessories, and replacement parts.
We do it ALL!

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HearSource dispenses only the finest brands of remote programmable hearing aids: BachReSoundSignia, and Widex.