Affordable Hearing Aid Repairs

Affordable Hearing Aid Repair Services Available Directly To The Consumer. ALL Brands, Types, and Styles.
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Hearing Aid Repair
$ 199
  • Complete Inspection
  • Professional Diagnosis
  • Repair/Replace Defective Components
  • 6 Month Warranty
  • Rush Service Available (+$49)


Hearing Aid Repair
$ 249
  • Complete Inspection
  • Professional Diagnosis
  • Repair/Replace Defective Components
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Rush Service Available (+$49)
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Hearing Aid

Programming Service
$ 99
  • Hearing Aid Adjustments
  • Use Your Hearing Test Results (Send Us Your Audiogram)
  • Complete Inspection
  • Program Hearing Aid Accessories - Remotes - Streaming Devices

Discount Hearing Aid Repairs

For over 22 years HearSource has been repairing ALL brands, types and styles of hearing aids.

We understand how important your hearing aids are to your quality of life.

Upon arrival at our hearing aid repair lab, our hearing aid repair technicians perform a detailed inspection and diagnosis of each hearing aid before repair work proceeds. HearSource repair technicians evaluate ALL of your hearing aid components, including the microphones, volume control, speaker, wires, switches, buttons, processor, etc. Prior to returning your repaired hearing aid back to you, all hearing aids go through an extensive quality control evaluation. Our hearing aid repair service is backed with a 6 month or optional 1 year warranty.

Why use HearSource Hearing Aid Repair Lab?

For those who depend on hearing aids for better hearing, we provide an inexpensive and reliable alternative to a local hearing aid office. Local hearing aid offices don’t do their own hearing aid repairs in-house, they send them off to a hearing aid repair lab, similar to ours. This added layer of administration adds additional cost and turn around time to the consumer. Using HearSource Hearing Aid Repair Lab eliminates this additional layer of expense and time. The benefits of repairing your hearing aids with us include:

  • Discount Hearing Aid Repairs (Save money)
  • Skip the middle man, repairs are done in our laboratory
  • No sales pressure or extra charges
  • Any Brand of hearing aid
  • Any Type of hearing aid
  • Any Style of hearing aid
  • Any Age of hearing aid

HearSource hearing aid repair technicians can repair almost any hearing aid, regardless of its make, style, type or date of manufacture.

Hearing Aid Repairs
HearSource has been repairing ALL brands, types, and styles of hearing aids for over two decades. Our factory trained hearing aid repair technicians repair hundreds of hearing aids each month.

We fix broken hearing aids!

Call 1-800-416-2434 for more information or ship your broken hearing aid to:

HearSource Hearing Aid Repair Lab
108 E. Pat Rady Way, P.O. Box 364
Bainbridge, IN  46105

When shipping your hearing aid to us, we strongly suggest that you place your hearing aid in a crush proof container such as a pill bottle, then place that crush proof container in a sturdy shipping box. We also suggest that you ship it to us signature required and/or insured. HearSource can not be held responsible for hearing aids damaged in shipping to us.

IMPORTANT: Please include a note when you send your hearing aid to us explaining your issues, concerns or needed repairs such as:

  • Dead
  • Too soft
  • Too sharp
  • Buzzing
  • Static
  • Shell cracked
  • Volume control / button not working

Also, please include your return shipping address and a day time phone number.


Give Us A Call

9 am to 5 pm Eastern Time
Monday thru Friday

We repair ALL hearing aid brands including:

  • Audibel 
  • Audina
  • Bernafon
  • Beltone
  • GN/ReSound
  • Hansaton
  • HI
  • Micro-Tech
  • Magnatone
  • Miracle Ear
  • Oticon
  • Persona
  • Phonak
  • ReSound
  • Rexton
  • Siemens
  • Signia
  • Sonic Innovations
  • Starkey
  • Unitron
  • Widex

And any other hearing aid brands not listed above.
If it’s a hearing aid, we repair it!

HearSource provides hearing aid repair services directly to you, the consumer, at discounted pricing compared to your local hearing aid dealer. We fix all types of broken or damaged hearing aids, including shells or cases. Our factory trained hearing aid repair technicians have over 20 years experience.

Many people think that “I need a hearing aid repair provider near me.” but the truth is that your local hearing aid office dosen’t fix hearing aids themselves, they send them out to be fixed at a hearing aid repair lab similar to HearSource.

We offer quality and reliable hearing aid repair solutions cheaper than your local provider can.

We fix broken hearing aids!

Important Please Read:
Many times, when replacing defective hearing aid parts with new ones, such as the microphone or receiver (speaker), a dramatic increase in volume may occur. Often times, in the progression of a hearing aid failure, your local hearing care provider may simply turn your hearing aid up louder and louder to compensate for the  deteriorating components.  When HearSource Hearing Aid Repair Technicians replace these parts, we are in fact, restoring the hearing aid to a “like new” condition. However we do NOT have your specific audiological information to readjust the repaired hearing aid sound settings to match your hearing loss.  If the hearing aid is too loud or feedback (whistling) occurs (a direct result of more amplification), additional sound adjustments may be needed.  If Possible, these adjustments should be made by a local hearing care provider.
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