ReSound Hearing Aids and Accessories

HearSource offers a complete line of ReSound Receiver-In-Ear (RIE) hearing aids and accessories.

Our pricing is so competitive that the manufacturer has requested that we don’t post it publicly.

  • Made For iPhone & Android hearing aids are now available.
  • Shop ReSound Products for your “Direct to iPhone” and  “Direct to Android” hearing aid solutions.
  • HearSource Remote Assist & Sound Adjustments Capable.

Resound ONE Rechargeable Hearing Aids


Resound ONE Hearing Aids (RIE 61)

Non-rechargeable uses a standard 312 zinc air hearing aid battery.

Resound ONE Hearing Aids (RIE 62)

Non-rechargeable uses a standard 13 zinc air hearing aid battery.

Resound LiNX Quattro Rechargeable Hearing Aids


ReSound LiNX Quattro Hearing Aids (RIE 62)