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ReSound is a Danish hearing aid manufacturer founded in 1943 as Danavox by Gerd Rosenstand. Danavox released its first hearing aid in 1947. In 1977, Danavox was purchased by GN Store Nord and renamed GN/Danavox. The current brand name of ReSound was established in 1984.

In 1992, ReSound introduced the first commercially available hearing aid utilizing digital sound processing. In 2003, the ReSound Air was released. The ReSound Air open fit hearing aid was a huge step forward in offering high-quality sound correction combined with user physical and acoustic comfort.

In 2014, the ReSound LiNX was released. The LiNX was the first Made for iPhone (including iPad and iPod) hearing aid. Unique at the time, the LiNX connects directly to peripheral Bluetooth devices without the need for addition streaming devices.

ReSound is one of the top five hearing aid manufacturers in the world and is known for innovation and constantly advancing technology. Over the past few decades, Resound has pushed better hearing technology to new levels. With the introduction of the outstanding LiNX Quattro family of hearing aids in 2018, ReSound has raised the bar for better hearing. In 2019, they integrated both Artificial Intelligence and Siri into their Quattro line of hearing aids.

ReSound was the first manufacturer to offer open fit hearing aids, an advance in technology and user comfort that was, at the time, groundbreaking. They were also the inventors of Wide Dynamic Range Compression (WDRC) technology, which improved sound processing and Digital Feedback Suppression (DFS) which was designed to reduce feedback. They also introduced the first Made For iPhone hearing aid which received critical acclaim in both the hearing industry and the general technology world.

ReSound is renowned for pioneering innovative solutions for those who suffer from hearing loss. In recent years, they have moved beyond just hearing aids and now provide excellent wireless accessory products. ReSound has become to be viewed as one of the leading hearing aid manufacturers, delivering reliable innovation and design. With the introduction of LiNX, the first-ever Made For iPhone hearing aid, they have again displayed their engineering capabilities and foresight.

The LiNX 3D platform was extremely advanced and contained some real groundbreaking technologies. In 2018, ReSound introduced the new LiNX Quattro family of hearing aids, a monumental leap forward in better hearing solutions. ReSound generally offers three levels of technology in each of their hearing aid Platforms. Generally, these levels of technology are numbered 9, 7 & 5.

HearSource Offers all of the latest ReSound LiNX Quattro Hearing Aids

ReSound LiNX Quattro 9, 7, & 5.

The latest for ReSound is the LiNX Quattro. The LiNX family of hearing aids were the first Made for iPhone hearing aids and were designated the “3D” (the third version of the platform). Features include Binaural Directionality, Surround Sound, Tinnitus Sound Generator and more. The latest generation of the LiNX family is the Quattro (the fourth version of the platform). The Quattro boasts a new processor with double the data processing speed over previous generations. Also, the Quattro offers a rechargeable option with faster charging and longer usage times.

As the “World’s Smartest Hearing Aid”, the LiNX Quattro offers users exceptional sound quality, spatial awareness, and speech understanding. As a Made for iPhone hearing aid, LiNX Quattro has the ability to connect wirelessly to smartphones via Bluetooth. With its Bluetooth connectivity, users are able to stream phone conversations, music, and other audio directly from their iPhone to their hearing aids without using any other intermediate device. Utilizing the iPhone’s GPS, wearer’s preferences are geo-tagged. When wearers return to archived locations, LiNX Quatro automatically adjusts to the wearer’s preset preferences.

Utilizing the ReSound Smart App, users can activate the “Live Listen” feature which makes the iPhone microphone an assistive listening device. LiNX Quattro users simply place the iPhone near the sound source they wish to hear and the iPhone streams the sounds directly to the hearing aids. Additionally, the Smart App allows users to control program features and check battery life.

LiNX Quattro Features:

Surround Sound – Assists users in locating the source of a sound or speech.

Binaural Directionality – Provides a more natural listening experience. A clearer sound helps the brain process speech better by presenting a more detailed picture of the sound environment.

Spatial Sense – Supports the brain’s natural ability to process and locate sounds. LiNX Quattro also improves speech recognition, ensuring that every conversation is heard.

Longest Rechargeable Battery Life in The Industry
The ReSound Quattro (Rechargeable) hearing aids offer the longest battery life in the industry. A three-hour charge will provide up to 24 hours of use, even if streaming up to half the time. A considerable amount of engineering has also gone into the design the charger itself. The charger also acts as a carry case and stores power within the charger itself. The charger will completely recharge the hearing aids at least three times before having to be plugged in and recharged itself.

Android Smartphone Capability (Near Future)


The Quattro will also be the first ever Made For Android hearing aid. ReSound and Google has agreed to collaborate on a Made For Android hearing aid. Initially, It will mean direct connection to the Pixel 3 Android phone. Additional Android phones will come as they develop the platform.

HearSource Remote Programming and Adjustment Service offers remote fine tuning and adjustments for all ReSound Quattro hearing aids. This service requires the user to have either an Android smartphone or iPhone.

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