Widex TruAcoustics Ear-Tips

TruAcoustics – Built on the ambition to deliver perfect sound

Since 2006, hearing care professionals have been using Widex’s advanced AISA system to estimate how the ear mold and the vent effect will influence the gain for individual hearing aid users. AISA was a highly accurate model, trusted by hearing care professionals worldwide until instant ear tips and open fittings were invented.

Widex TruAcoustics Easywear EarTips.

While custom-made earmolds are more consistent in their acoustic properties, instant ear tips are less so, with large variations in the amount of direct sound that enters the ear between individual users. This led Widex to investigate the issue and develop a more accurate and intricate model that they call TruAcoustics. This new algorithm introduces a better way of calculating gain to address the dramatic increase in the use of instant ear tips over the past 10 years.

An essential step in personalization and customization

When Widex introduced machine learning powered by the Widex Cloud, they promised a smarter tomorrow. Tomorrow is here. Utilizing consented cloud data, Widex was able to analyze the fit to target properties from more than 8,500 individual fittings. Summarizing these fittings across bands revealed that more than 99% of bands are on target or within 5dB for mild and moderate hearing loss, and more than 97% are on target or within 5dB for severe and profound hearing loss. Leveraging cloud data inspired Widex to implement further improvements to the TruAcoustics model in late 2020. This evolution led to enhanced Widex sound characteristics in a broader range of fittings, demonstrating our dedication to natural perfect sound.

Widex believes that ensuring the sound levels are perfectly correct in every ear canal is the best way to deliver the sound quality that all listeners deserve. This is an essential ingredient in fitting that takes Widex on a journey toward effortless hearing and listening in all environments. They have achieved this ambition in WIDEX MOMENT hearing aids via TruAcoustics.

TruAcoustics is another leap toward even more natural sound

Widex’s goal is to ensure speech can be heard at normal levels, allow loud sounds to remain loud without being uncomfortable, and make soft sounds audible. The target is to create a natural sound, with perfect hearing. If you don’t have optimal control of the acoustics in the environment, you risk not delivering the best sound possible. TruAcoustics calculates fittings more accurately than ever before, creating the foundation for the natural sound of Widex MOMENT.

TruAcoustics is Widex’s fitting calculation algorithm and they have just made it even better leading to the most natural sound for all Widex hearing aid fittings. The new statistical model provides sound more accurately than before. TruAcoustics is an essential step forward in the personalization and customization of the perfect Widex sound. Shaping the sound delivery to the exact properties of the individual acoustics in the ear canal and earware. Being the foundation of precise fitting calculations allows Widex TruAcoustics to take another leap towards an even more natural sound in delivering PureSound.

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